If you need outdoor baseball batting cages that are durable yet flexible, Grand Slam Safety has the solution.


With 15 baseball and softball fields, the Gulfport SportsPlex needed to make sure that it had plenty of practice space for the tournaments and games they were hosting. The SPECTO® Batting Cage System was the solution to their need.

Our batting cages can be easily assembled and disassembled thanks to their multisectional nature, which makes them ideal for outdoor settings where the weather changes frequently.


Features of SPECTO® Outdoor Batting Cages


Standard netted batting cages used to be the primary option for most facilities looking to install practice spaces for baseball and softball players. Grand Slam Safety's batting cages — created using SPECTO® mesh and/or netting — are a step above your traditional batting cage. Not only is the mesh constructed to be weather- and UV-resistant, but it can also be packed away to give more space to other sports when baseball and softball aren't in season.


Our cages sport a variety of unique features to enhance the overall batting experience for both player and coach. Including:


  • Recessed Poles: Baseballs and softballs pack a lot of heat coming off the bat. You can increase the safety level for everyone enclosed in the cage with recessed poles, which significantly reduces the rebound of batted balls.

  • Tensioned Bottom Cables: Cages from Grand Slam Safety are also designed using tensioned bottom cables, which decreases excess slack to eliminate tripping hazards while simultaneously preventing balls from rolling underneath and out of the cage.

  • Unique Soft Toss Areas: The design of the cage's recessed poles creates an exterior soft toss area for your athletes. Each section of tensioned netting between the poles can be used by athletes for soft toss, even while other players are inside the cage. This feature increases the multifunctionality of your cage.

  • Dividing Net: You can maximize your available space with a removable center divider, which can transform your baseball and softball batting cages from one unit into two. You'll increase your practicing capabilities without sacrificing safety.

  • Open Weave: The netting offers great visibility, which means coaches, teammates and spectators can watch the action within the cage.


We consider ourselves a one-stop shop for your batting cage needs. We'll analyze your situation and work to create a fully customized system that fits your venue and size requirements. From design to installation, we're here to help. 


Where SPECTO® Batting Cages Can Be Used


If your field or sports complex frequently hosts baseball and softball events, our outdoor batting cages can be made to fit practically anywhere you need them. Our batting cage fences are easy to deconstruct, move, and store which allows you to customize your fields to your needs. The netted SPECTO® cages allow high school and other sports programs to compromise on space without sacrificing functionality or safety.


Contact Grand Slam Safety for Your Batting Cage Needs


We'll gladly collaborate with you to increase the flexibility of your baseball or softball program. Contact us today to speak with our team about how we can customize your outdoor batting cages.



"The batting cages from Grand Slam Safety are superior.  Our facility gets heavy usage and these cages are second to none."

- Rusty Ramage,  Director 

Gulfport SportsPlex

Gulfport, MS

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