If you need an outdoor batting cage system that puts safety first — with zero compromises on durability or flexibility — Grand Slam Safety has you covered.

You can use outdoor batting cages in various settings and applications, including multi-field complexes. Take the Gulfport Sportsplex in Mississippi, for instance. When they installed six new fields, they knew they could rely on SPECTO® outdoor baseball batting cages and SPECTO® fencing systems to transform their multi-field facility into a sports destination. 

Learn more about the benefits of SPECTO® outdoor baseball and softball batting cages from Grand Slam Safety, including how to get your own custom design.

Benefits of SPECTO® Outdoor Batting Cages


Every SPECTO® batting cage comes equipped with numerous features to enhance the batting experience and promote player safety. We've designed each section of our outdoor batting cages with athletes and coaches in mind. By doing this, we create products that provide you with tangible advantages on the field.


The benefits of our batting cages include:


  • Durability: Grand Slam Safety's outdoor batting cage nets utilize SPECTO® mesh and netting, which is weather and ultraviolet (UV)-resistant. You never again have to worry about your cage fading, warping or breaking down during inclement weather or strong winds. This durable design means your investment will last you years to come, and your cages will require minimal ongoing maintenance.

  • Simple assembly: Due to the multi-sectional nature of our batting cage design, you can easily assemble, disassemble and move your cages to allow more space in your sportsplex or winterize your facility.

  • Enhanced safety: Our cages have several safety-enhancing features. Recessed poles reduce the rebound of batted balls, while tensioned bottom cables minimize tripping hazards inside the cage and keep balls from rolling away or injuring nearby spectators.

  • Professional appearance: We design our cages to reduce and prevent any slack in the netting, allowing for a neat, professional appearance. The lack of slack also lessens the likelihood of bystanders hanging from or pulling on your netting. Pair your outdoor cage with some of our custom sports fencing and netting options to bring your vision to life.

  • Multifunctional capabilities: You can use SPECTO® covered outdoor batting cages for multiple functions. For instance, your athletes will love the unique exterior soft toss areas created by the recessed poles, which they can use even while other players are still inside the cage. You can further maximize your space with a removable center dividing net, creating two units in one. Finally, our open weave design is highly visible and allows coaches, teammates and spectators to have a front-row seat to all the action. 


In addition to these benefits, we also provide custom sizing and design options.


Outdoor Batting Cage Design


Just like our indoor batting cages, the standard size for a SPECTO® batting cage is 70 feet long, 14 feet wide and 12 feet high. This gives enough space to avoid back-swing contact and allow athletes ample room to move around. Here's a closer look at the dimensions:

  • Length: Seventy feet is enough space to create plenty of distance between the pitcher and batter, regardless of any age-related distance requirements. You can use any excess space to store equipment, including bats, mounds, ball machines and carts. 

  • Width: Whether you are designing a space for professional athletes or kid-friendly games, 14 feet of width allows room for coaches and players of all sizes.

  • Height: As players age and gain more experience, they require more height. The 12-foot height accounts for 11 feet of playable area and an additional foot of extra mesh, which is necessary to capture and contain stray balls.

Standard square batting cage nets also have a 7-foot entry door in the corner. 

If your needs go beyond the standard sizing, Grand Slam Safety is here to help. Whether you are working with unique space requirements or have a specific application in mind, we can help you customize the size of your batting cage to fit your exact wants, needs and budget constraints. Because our cages are multi-sectional, it's easy to mix and match each one to fit your layout.


The best size for you depends on a few factors, including how many players will be practicing at once. For the busy sportsplex, removable screen dividers placed across the width are a great way to utilize the available space and allow more athletes to practice at once. Built-in soft toss areas are separate from the batting cage, providing even more flexibility.

Additional design options include a same-side or opposite-end second entry, an impact screen and pitching targets or ball bags.


Outdoor Batting Cages to Fit Your Field's Needs


At Grand Slam Safety, we believe you should never have to sacrifice space or budget for quality functionality and top safety features. Whether your facility is a high school field, a large sports complex or a commercial operation, we can help you create the best batting cage to fit your needs. With easy deconstruction and portability, you can move, store and arrange your batting cages however and whenever you need. 

As the one-stop shop for all your batting cage needs, we are here to guide you through each stage of the process:

  • Consultation: Even when placing batting cages outdoors, you should consider several factors. Our experts will work closely with you to analyze your current space, including existing dimensions, project budget, end goals and any special considerations. 

  • Design: Using all the information we have collected from our consultation, we will help you create the ideal size and layout for one or more of our cage systems. We use only top-quality materials and construction methods, so you know you are receiving the best product available. We can make your project happen with whatever batting cage size you choose.

  • Installation: Once your design is complete per your specifications, we will help you install your batting cages and make them operational, so your coaches and athletes can start using them as soon as possible. The standard time frame from delivery to installation is six to eight weeks from your order date. As always, our experts are available to answer any questions you have during the installation process.



Find Outdoor Batting Cages for Sale at Grand Slam Safety


Safety is and always has been the most important part of Grand Slam Safety's batting cage systems. That's why we use strong construction materials and thoughtful design to deliver the best product for you and your athletes. Contact Grand Slam Safety today to learn more about custom outdoor batting cage options.



SPECTO Batting Cage System

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SPECTO Batting Cage System

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SPECTO Batting Cage System

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"The batting cages from Grand Slam Safety are superior.  Our facility gets heavy usage and these cages are second to none."

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