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Sport Netting Curtain Systems from Grand Slam Safety, LLC are more than just your average gym divider curtain or outdoor ball containment netting. Our indoor sports netting curtain system is designed allow facilities to separate their spaces into customized divisions. By being able to quickly and efficiently re-arrange your gymnasium, field, or other facility on the fly, you will be able to accommodate sporting events or tournaments in a timely manner, with no hassle at all. To further accelerate the process, the track for some of our system allows for simple and easy lateral movements of the sports netting.

When you stop, the sports netting stops and locks into place, creating the size and shape of the space you desire—for any sport, meeting, or event. With a pull on the unlocking mechanism, the gym divider curtain is ready to be moved again, either to the end of the track system for convenient out of the way storage or to create another customized space.


Our netting provides better visibility than chain link fences. The transparent mesh is easy to see through and offers a complete view of the action. Your spectators will appreciate the convenience of standing behind the fences while also staying shielded from injury.

If your outdoor facility has several fields or courts next to one another, you may worry about keeping players safe and restricting them to their own space. For instance, you don't want a baseball player tracking a fly ball into a nearby soccer field.

Reduce the potential for injuries by installing our sports perimeter fencing to make defined boundaries between activities. The addition of this fencing will restrict play to each respective court or field.

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