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Coach Joe D'Auria

Our sports facilities don't allow us to have a permanent outfield  fence, so this fence was the answer to our problem. Not only is it easy to

install and put away, it is incredibly safe. Our student athletes now have a sense of pride

when they take the field."

If you're looking to increase the safety of your baseball field — from the outfield to the dugout — while maintaining flexibility, Grand Slam Safety offers a wide range of fencing to suit your needs.


"For years, the Island Trees High School baseball team has searched for an outfield fence to give our field the look of a true baseball park. We have used a couple of different products, but found them to be time consuming to put up and break down. Also, they were of inferior quality and not safe. The SPECTO Baseball Fencing System has it all. It has really given our field the look and feel of a baseball stadium with its 8 foot high fence and foul poles. 

- Joe D'Auria, Varsity Baseball Coach

Island Trees High School

Levittown, NY


We are your one-stop shop, designing and customizing a solution for your baseball fencing needs, walking with you from conception to installation.

Baseball Field Fences Benefit Everyone

Our designs come with a host of benefits for everyone involved. From safety to convenience, your baseball fences, created using our SPECTO® mesh, will increase the quality of the sport in all aspects, including:

  1. Increased safety and comfort for players: The primary goal for our outfield fences is to reduce the injury risk associated with traditional fencing and barriers, and we deliver on our promise. Our SPECTO® mesh creates a gentle cradling effect upon impact, which allows players to reach their full potential when pursuing balls without worrying about awkward and potentially painful collisions.

  2. An enhanced spectator experience: The mesh used for the fences is incredibly transparent, which allows for better viewings. Spectators can watch events from behind the fences without fear of injury, which adds to a venue's attendance capacity.

  3. More convenience for maintenance: Our systems are made up of multiple components, including foul poles, foul territory mesh and support poles, which permit you to quickly install and disassemble (in less than 90 minutes). Their portability means not only ease of storage, but also that you can repurpose the fields for other sports during the off-season.


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SPECTO Baseball

Cushions players gently.

end shot
jumpping for a fly
Superior Outfield Fencing

Gulfport Sportsplex

SPECTO Baseball

Safely steal a home run.

beaver river game with dr sky - under ov
Fence that fits

Fencing that fits to within 30" of any structure

Quality Components

SPECTO fencing is made from quality steel and fabric

SPECTO Warranty.

10 year warranty!

SPECTO Reliability.

The highest workmanship and reliability.

SPECTO Upper Netting

Upper netting keeps home run balls from traveling past the field.

SPECTO Foul Territory

Foul territory mesh helps stop foul balls.

SPECTO Beauty and Functionality

SPECTO fences look good and work great.

SPECTO Baseball

Great for multi-use fields


Solid construction give the SPECTO fencing systems years of playability.

SPECTO Turf Insert - Installed

Turf Insert - Installed in Natural Turf

SPECTO Weather

SPECTO systems hold up to all sorts of weather with ease.

SPECTO Sport Fencing

Beauty and Safety

Grand Slam Safety wins award

"It already was the field of dreams...but now that we added a SPECTO® Fence to it, it’s probably one of the better ball fields in the country."

- Keith Bulicz,  Recreation Supervisor 

Aspen Parks and Recreation

Aspen, CO

Comparing Our Baseball Fences to Other Options


On top of the superior safety marks that our fencing touts over traditional chain link and other hard-surface options, it also looks more professional and needs relatively little maintenance due to weather-resistant, tough weaves. You won't have to worry about rusty metal or broken links compromising integrity. You'll receive a 10-year limited warranty as well, which means that we'll have you covered if your fencing does have any issues.


Our baseball fence options can be temporary or permanent, which gives you invaluable flexibility. With that in mind, we can customize your fencing system to meet any requirement, such as foul-pole or center-field distances for any sized field.

Our mesh is strong, durable and built to last while offering compact storage and transportation. You'll save space during the off-season as a complete SPECTO® system only occupies 110' square feet when stored.

Contact Grand Slam Safety LLC for Your Baseball Fence Needs

Our friendly and passionate customer service team will consult with you closely as we work to understand the unique obstacles that you need to overcome. Contact us today, and we'll discuss the options we can offer you for portable baseball outfield fencing. 

Fence Financing

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Outfield Fence



Any Space.  Any Sport.

SPECTO  Sport Fencing Solutions