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Baseball and Softball Backstop Netting

Major League Baseball recently expanded netting at all ballparks to prevent broken bats and low fly balls from striking those sitting in field-level seats. Other levels of baseball would be wise to take a lesson from the pros. Youth, middle school, high school, college, professional and semi-professional teams rely on our baseball and softball fencing and backstop netting to keep everyone safe around home plate.

We manufacture two backstop netting solutions:


This all-netting system has poles behind the seating with tensioned wires to hold up the netting. It's ideal for ballparks with a wall behind home plate to anchor the bottom of the netting. This solution can also be anchored to the ground.

Tensioned SPECTO®  mesh netting: 

This system is typically 20 feet high, with the first 8-foot section made of tensioned SPECTO® mesh netting and the remaining 12-foot section made of regular netting. SPECTO® netting allows for the same full speed and full body impact as our outfield fencing and baseline fencing. Widths are 60 feet for softball and 100 feet for baseball, and inline poles are used instead of tiebacks.

SPECTO Backstop by Grand Slam Safety
SPECTO Backstop installation by Grand Slam
SPECTO Backstop completed project by Grand Slam
Baseball backstop netting in Akron in the middle of construction
Baseball backstop netting by Grand Slam in the middle of construction
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We Provide All Types of Baseball and Softball Field Netting


No matter where you stand on the field, you may be in danger of getting hit by an errant ball. That's why Grand Slam Safety can meet all of your fencing and netting needs for softball and baseball. From outfield fences and baseline fencing to foul ball mesh and dugout netting, we're a one-stop shop for fully customized, robust netting and fencing solutions.

Even on youth fields, protection for players and spectators is important. As children grow, they improve their coordination and become stronger. A foul ball hit by a young player can cause damage, especially if a fan or fellow player isn't able to react quickly to an errant ball or bat.

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