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Several people standing aroung a table inside of an indoor multi-sports complex


Opening a multi-sports complex can be an exciting and slightly overwhelming time for everyone involved. Grand Slam Safety is here to ensure everything goes according to plan and that by the end of construction, you have a large, safe space for any sports team to come in and practice for their next big game. Our in-house team will handle everything from design to installation.

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Consultations for Indoor Multi-Sports Facility

When you choose to work with Grand Slam Safety to create your multi-sport facility, design consultation and development are the first steps on our list. We'll take the time to get to know your needs for the facility, asking questions about:

  • Sports and programs: Knowing what kind of sports you plan to host in this facility is essential in how we approach the overall design of your building.

  • Spectator space: Will this be strictly a practice space, or do you also need room for bleachers and sidelines so that spectators can come to watch your events?

  • Safety needs: Aside from the obvious safety concerns of construction, will you need built-in mats on the floor for gymnastics and wrestling? How about wall padding to keep players from hitting walls too hard or netting and fencing to separate players from their audience? 

  • As we determine the best ways to approach your new space, we want to ensure you can host as many sports and programs as possible. Our sports facility consultation help us get on the same page as you so that you can get the results you want.

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Safety in sports is our top priority. We offer many forms of complex netting to separate spaces within your multi-sports complex so that everyone can have fun with minimal risk. Reimagine your indoor sports complex design. Our configurations feature: 
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Divider curtains
  • Netting
  • Batting cages

WHY Choose GRAND SLAM SAFETY for Sports Facility Consulting?


Choosing Grand Slam Safety to help your multi-sport facility come to life affords you some excellent opportunities, including:

  • Year-round play: The top reason many places opt for an indoor athletic facility is so that there's space for sports to take place year-round, whatever the weather looks like outside. Even if it's too hot, too cold or too wet, your sports can and will go on.

  • Proven spectator safety: Our tensioned SPECTO® netting is designed to keep your spectators safe. With these nets separating them from the game, they can get a clear, up-close view of what's happening without risking an errant ball ruining their day.

  • Experienced guidance throughout construction: Creating a facility like this is a big undertaking, but it's easier when you have the help of our experienced team at your side. From your first rough design to the final day of installation, Grand Slam Safety will be on-site to make sure you have the best multi-purpose indoor sports complex for your needs.


Are you ready to bring your multi-purpose indoor sports complex to life? So are we. Contact us online or at 315-301-4039 so that we can schedule your consultation.

Maximize safety. Maximize play. Start the process now.

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