Indoor Baseball Facility

​Are you considering building a baseball indoor practice facility or adding one to a building you already own? Everyone from youth through professional players can benefit from having a place to train during inclement weather. It's critical to design an indoor baseball and softball facility with care to ensure the safety of players, coaches and spectators.

Grand Slam Safety has many years of experience in baseball safety. We've assisted many facility owners by developing customized fencing and netting solutions to fit your indoor baseball facility.

Design Considerations for an Indoor Baseball Facility


Structural elements like HVAC systems, lights, fire suppression and ceiling fans can often impede your ideal layout. While we can design around these obstacles, it's more efficient and cost-effective to plan for them in advance. Better yet, sit down with our skilled and knowledgeable team to talk about the design for your new facility. We'll make sure the process runs smoothly from start to finish.

As you plan your indoor baseball or softball facility layout, ask yourself a few questions to get started:

  • Who will play at your facility? Will you host Little league games and practices, or are you aiming to attract high school and college teams?

  • Will batting cages be incorporated into your space?

  • Is this strictly a training facility, or will you also hold games and tournaments there?

  • Will there be places for spectators and parents to watch? How will you integrate that into your space?

Indoor Baseball Field Size


The size of your field depends on the age of the players you want to attract. To set up the field correctly, you'll need to know the details for your age group. Want to attract several age levels? You'll need the ability to vary the field size to accommodate different levels of play. It's also important to decide how many fields you want in your indoor baseball facility design.

With our SPECTO® netting, you can stretch the playing field to the limits of your structural footprint. You can place our fencing as close as 30 inches to any structure and still provide a safe cradling effect when players run into it at full speed. Divider curtains and sport netting can split any space into multiple playing fields or a separate practice area, like a bullpen.

Our fencing, curtain and netting options let you customize the space to any scheduled event or practice. This flexibility comes in handy as you reconfigure your space for scheduling, programming and seasonal changes.

Indoor Batting Cages


Indoor batting cages require a lot of vertical and horizontal space. Our team can customize batting cages to your available space. Our standard cages measure 70 feet long, 14 feet wide and 12 feet high.

We offer bottom lift cages, which collect the netting up from the bottom. You can pull our batting cages horizontally on a track or cable, and stack the cages against a wall when not in use.

Batting cages work best in rooms with flat or sloped ceilings. You can configure the netting into one or two cages. Add a portable pitching mound to your indoor hitting and pitching facility, and give hitters and pitchers a better simulation of game situations.

Area for Spectators


Do you plan to host tournaments at your facility? A total containment system would be your best bet. This includes tensioned SPECTO® netting for the first 8 feet, then netting above that tied to the ceiling netting. This setup keeps balls and equipment on the field while letting spectators watch the game. In fact, with our SPECTO® netting, fans can get right up against the fence without worrying about being injured by a stray ball.

Do you have a balcony or upper deck for spectators? Our netting gives spectators a clear view on any level. When you stand back from the netting, it's nearly invisible to the eye, so it doesn't detract from watching the game.

Indoor Baseball Training Facility Layouts


​We've worked on many indoor baseball and softball facility design projects that balance our customers' specific needs with safety and aesthetic elements. We can help you incorporate all of these design considerations into one plan that maximizes your space, giving you the most flexibility for your facility.

Examples of baseball facility projects we've worked on include:

  • Finch Creek Field House: Includes two high school-sized baseball fields and 11 batting cages.

  • ProX Athlete: Offers more than 20 batting cages.

  • Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena: Hosts a variety of sports.

Key Benefits of an Indoor Baseball Facility


Although many people think of baseball as an outdoor sport, you can easily play it indoors, too. As long as the facility is well-designed by a team of professional planners and installers, it can bring your facility plenty of benefits. Check out some of the advantages of building an indoor baseball facility with Grand Slam Safety.

Year-Round Play


Forget about baseball as a seasonal sport or having to stop during the winter months. With an indoor baseball facility from Grand Slam Safety, you can play around the calendar. This year-round capability is great for kids and adults who want to maximize their playing time and stay fit during traditional off-seasons.

No Weather Worries


Baseball players don't like hearing that their games are rained out. Postponements can lead to logistical and scheduling nightmares for coaches, players and teams. With an indoor facility, you can make it possible for teams to continue their play regardless of the weather happening outside.

Tournament Hosting


Sometimes, teams would rather hold their tournaments at one site rather than traveling from park to park. An indoor facility is a perfect location for tournaments because it provides neutral playing space.

Comfortable Environments


Rainy weather isn't the only problem for baseball players and fans. Excessive heat can make playing a game uncomfortable or even dangerous. Indoor baseball facilities provide safer, more comfortable environments for athletes and spectators. Indoor facilities also offer easy access to bathrooms and concessions for everyone.

No-Glare Games


Sunshine may be beautiful, but it can make outdoor baseball play challenging. When teams play indoors, they can avoid any errors caused by glinting and glaring.

Increased Revenue

Have you been seeking a way to increase your facility's profit margins? Indoor baseball facilities can help bring in more revenue. If you have a space currently going unused or not providing you with a steady income stream, an indoor baseball facility could be the right solution. Reach out today to see if your facility is an ideal fit.

When you're ready to design your next indoor baseball facility, give us a call or fill out our online form. We're happy to talk with you about your indoor baseball goals. Our team can share ideas for the layout and flow of your entire indoor facility. Let us help you get every advantage that comes with having the best indoor baseball facility in your community!

Why Work With Grand Slam Safety


​Grand Slam Safety has the expertise and experience to turn your indoor baseball or softball facility into something special. We can custom design, engineer, fabricate and install fencing and netting solutions that maximize your playing space. When you choose our services, you look out for the safety of the players and coaches as well as the spectators who come to your facility.

Rest assured that the netting and fencing on your indoor batting cages and fields are designed to protect everyone. Contact Grand Slam Safety today to get a quote on an indoor baseball facility design plan and discuss your unique vision.

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