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We work hard to make sure every SPECTO® Fencing System is of the highest quality 
and exactly what our customers need for their application.  
- Client Gallery -

Dominick Raucci, parent

Island Trees H.S.  Levittown, Long Island, NY

"Your fence is a lifesaver. I was at my son’s varsity game a ball was hit over the right fielders head. He ran full speed and caught the ball and immediately hit the fence. He was running full speed and just bounced off the fence without a scratch. If it was a chain link or other type of fence that fell down he would have gotten seriously hurt. Other parents at the game were amazed he didn’t get hurt. I was impressed by the way the fence looked when it was installed but even more impressed by how safe it is."


Dustin Moore
Club Director, City Beach Volleyball Club - Santa Clara, CA
Solution: Mesh Court Netting

We recently installed the new [...] court divider net system from Grand Slam Safety, LLC in our volleyball facility. This system has drastically improved the look of our facility but more important it has increased the safety for our players and patrons. The sales rep was easy to work with and the quality of the product is outstanding. The design process was quick and easy and the product was delivered on time as promised. I would highly recommend [...] Grand Slam Safety to anyone that is looking to improve the look and safety of their facility.

Brandon McLain
Assistant Director of Facilities, Kennesaw State University (Marietta Campus) - Marietta, Georgia

Solution: Retractable Netting

Our facility was only 2 1/2 years old and already our walls and score boards were destroyed. With the new [...] netting in place we can fix those damages and keep them from happening again. The sales and install team from Grand Slam Safety was absolutely wonderful. They were adaptable to our timeline and were great in responding [with] solutions to our needs.

Batter hitting a ball at a baseball game

Hollis O'Brien

Athletic Director, Harbor High School - Santa Cruz, CA

Solution: SPECTO® Outfield Fencing System

The SPECTO® [Outfield] Fence has been a great addition to our Harbor Softball Program. It's a great system that allows us to use the field in the off-season for other sports. It's also very safe for our students who may run into it going after a ball. It adds a great aesthetic to the field. Your customer service has been great and the facilities people who put it up and take it down every year say it's easy to work with.

Sarah Coletti throwing a baseball on an outdoor field

Sarah Coletti

Head Softball Coach, Arcadia University - Philadelphia, PA

We have used your5 fence this season and are absolutely thrilled with it. Every visiting team has commented on the look and safety of the fence. We are also in the mix for hosting future playoff tournaments now because of our new addition to our field. We recently had two athletes run full speed into the fence to catch a ball and they were both perfectly find afterwards; amazing!


Lance Welliver

General Manager, Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena - Pittsburgh, PA

PISA, The Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena, is proud to be the first location in our area to have the revolutionary SPECTO® Sports Fencing System from Grand Slam Safety, LLC.

The advanced fencing system has made a tremendous improvement to our facility. Not only has it improved our appearance, it has provided our organization with an elite product for the safety of our players and fans of all ages. The SPECTO® system provides us with peace of mind knowing that our participants have received the best product and best service from Grand Slam Safety, LLC no matter what activity they are here for. In addition, this product allows us to transition from each sport or event very quickly to provide the best service to customers.

Thank you, Grand Slam Safety, LLC for providing us with this wonderful product.

Front 1.JPG

Jack LeGrand

Athletic Director, Timothy Christian High School - Elmhurst, IL

Grand Slam Safety is a top notch company with a top notch product. The safety feature is unmatched and the look of this baseball fence gives our school one of the nicest high school fields in Illinois. Working with the staff at Grand Slam has also been a wonderful experience. The staff has been very informative and helpful. They have quality service for their clients and take great pride in their fencing systems. Thank you to Grand Slam Safety and their entire team. We are proud to display such a quality product at Timothy Christian High School.


George Spescha

President, Milford Junior Major League - Milford, CT

I just wanted to thank you and your team for all the help you gave us with the new fences. I know our foul pole design was not your normal installation but you made adjustments and it worked out just fine. It was a pleasure to deal with a company that kept their word. You were patient with us with all the delays we had, delivered the fences on time, had a full crew there to instruct us on installing the fences and followed up with us to handle any of our concerns.


Keith Bulicz

Recreation Supervisor, Aspen Parks and Recreation - Aspen, CO

Grand Slam Safety is a top notch company with a top notch product. It already was the field of dreams with this view, but now that we've added the SPECTO® fence to it, it's probably one of the better ball fields in the country.

footbal jump.JPG

Bryan Ingalls

Operations Manager, Accelerate Sports - Whitesboro, NY

When I first came across Grand Slam Safety, we at Accelerate Sports were in the middle of our construction phase and I knew that I wanted their product in here in some fashion. The design and function of the safety fencing is second to none and we really wanted to incorporate that technology inside bordering our turf field. From the initial meetings with the business, [to] the installation and functionality, they are first class! The Grand Slam Safety team treats you like their own and truly cares about the process, product, and the people they are working with. We have been nothing but pleased to be the first facility with their technology indoors and I know that when our outdoor fields are built, we will be using their products!


Ridgefield High School Boosters

Ridgefield High School - Ridgefield, CT

Coaches love it, parents love it, and we are proud to [...] say that we have one of the top high school fields in the league, if not the state.

We we first started investigating outfield fence options we have several factors to consider. The first was the safety of our girls. Second, we needed the flexibility to take the fence down for multiple sports that use the field. We also needed something that was substantial enough to withstand the wind at the site and last a full season without looking wimpy and cheap.

Grand Slam Safety was the perfect solution by providing a very high quality fence, foul poles, and storage equipment...We would recommend Grand Slam Safety to anyone.

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