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custom sports divider curtains


Whether your gym is part of a school or an independent sports complex, it serves multiple purposes. From hosting sporting events to different activities, your facility needs to be as versatile and functional as possible. Gym divider curtains can transform the area by providing the border your space needs to remain adaptable and cater to an array of event specifications. Our products are high-quality and customizable, allowing you to create a gymnasium divider curtain that suits your exact needs. Errant balls and scheduling clashes between grades will be problems of the past if you install some curtains for gym time. 

We are proud to provide a wide range of solutions so you can make the most out of your space — and know that you're getting the best quality service, materials and products.

Vista Divider Curtain

Fold Lift Technology saves wear and tear.

Vista Divider Curtain

Matches any slope

Vista Divider Curtain

Safety divide your gym.

Divider Curtain

Keep balls and players contained.

Walk Draw Divider Curtain

Ease of use walk draw curtains.

SPECTO Divider Curtain

Double your playing potential by cutting your space in half

Gym Divider Curtain

Turn one space into four.

SPECTO Divider Curtain

Easily host two games at one time with a gym divider curtain

Gym Divider Curtain

Run multiple practices at once

Divider Curtain

Easily section off parts of your athletic facility with a SPECTO Divider Curtain

Gym Divider Curtain

Keep balls and players on the field

Our Types of Divider Curtains

Divider curtains need to be able to fit into any type of space. That's why we designed ours to accommodate a variety of facilities. We offer multiple types of gymnasium dividers, such as:

(Electric Lift) - Straight Line:

Our Straight Line(Level) gym curtain is durable and easy to use. It comes standard with a 3 phase, 2HP, high speed motor making it easy to open or close.

(Electric Lift) - Form Fold:

The Form Fold divider matches the shape of your ceiling structure, making it a space efficient option. It comes standard with a 3 phase, 2HP, high speed motor making it easy to open or close.

3. Walk-Draw

This divider attaches to an overhead track, which you can effortlessly pull into place while walking. Also, Ask about our exclusive "Lock Stop" system.

4. Double Wall
(Electric Lift):

This gym divider curtain offers two-layer construction of the vinyl material, totally concealing the vertical cables. It comes standard with a 3 phase, 2HP, high speed motor.

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Motirized Gym Divider Curtain Features

Each of our sports barrier netting systems come with features that will ensure your divider is long-lasting and effective. While a walk-draw divider is also extremely easy to operate, a motorized divider comes with unique features and benefits. Some of these key features include:


  • Speed: To make your gymnasium dividers as convenient as possible, they unfold quickly — from 25 feet per minute to even faster speeds. You'll have more time for gameplay and easier startup and shut-down procedures.

  • Folding lift: Our folding lift is a key feature, as it makes our gym curtains even more durable by preventing unnecessary wear and tear on your curtain's motor and other parts.

  • Customization: Looking for a gym divider that aligns with the aesthetics and dimensions of your facility? You can make these curtains your own by choosing the color, material and specs.

  • Form fold: We want our options to fit your facility seamlessly. Our form fold feature allows us to match any ceiling pitch. 

The Benefits of GRAND SLAM SAFETY's Gym Divider Walls

Our motorized, retractable gym divider curtain nets will benefit your facility with:


  • Increased safety: Our products will ensure that anyone using your gym will have a designated area to travel, helping them avoid collisions with others.

  • Multiple games: Gymnasium dividers will also make your space more versatile, as multiple games or activities can take place simultaneously. 

  • Effective ball containment: If multiple teams use your facility, their balls will not interfere in another game since our dividers will solve this issue.

  • No layers: GSS curtains are designed, fabricated, sold and installed using our own personnel.​

  • Court separation: Gym curtains provide separation for different age groups. Younger and older kids can be in the gym at the same time, playing age-appropriate games.

  • Equipment protection: Protect people and equipment from accidents by segmenting your gym space with divider walls.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Opting for one of our divider walls over a permanent installation allows you to save money and change the look of your gym as you wish. 

  • Variable visibility: Customize your level of visibility and how much containment you want by choosing from our mesh or netted gym curtains or the heavier vinyl fabric. 

  • Warranty: We offer a 10-year limited warranty, so you can rest easy knowing your investment is protected against material defects. 

Gym Divider Applications

Gym divider walls from Grand Slam Safety can be used in a wide variety of sports settings and applications, including:

  • Tennis court divider nets:  Stop stray balls and improve focus when you use a tennis court divider net. 

  • Basketball court divider curtains: Control your space by turning one full court into two half courts for multiple games at once. 

  • Indoor baseball field divider: If you're considering an indoor baseball facility for those rainy days, try out our specialized baseball drapes. They can divide your space to create a separate practice space or multiple playing areas. 

  • Pickleball court dividers: Every pickleball court needs a divider for optimal play conditions. Watch players improve drastically when they only need to concentrate on their ball.

  • Multigame sports curtains: Play a variety of different games in each partition. 

Reach Out to GRAND SLAM SAFETY for Gym Divider Curtains

Contact us today to learn more about our product offerings. We'll work with you to design and install the best gym divider net for your facility. We look forward to your call!

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