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1. What are the major benefits and features of your SPECTO system?        
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The SPECTO Fencing System is the safest fence you can provide for your athletes.  The system provides a gentle, cradling effect for players whether jumping up against the fence or running into it at full speed.


Permanent or Removable.

See this FAQ question.

High Quality Construction.

We use only the highest quality parts and materials in fence construction. Stainless steel cabling, powder coated high gauge steel, vinyl coated mesh panels.


Customer and Product Care.

Nowhere else will you find a sales and production team more willing to work with your facility's unique requirements.  From beginning to end you will receive our undivided attention to the details that will make your fence the safest and most reliable.

2. Are SPECTO systems permanent or removable?        return to questions

Both! All SPECTO Fencing Systems can be either permanent or removable.


Outfield fencing systems can be easily disassembled and stored in less than an hour and a half. Support poles can be removed from their foundations and turf inserts placed in the holes. During the off-season we recommend removing the fabric portion of the fence to minimize unnecessary UV exposure.


Indoor fencing systems can likewise be disassembled and stored. Individual panels can also be removed creating wider spaces to move equipment in or out or to open up more area.

3. How do you store the fence when it is down?

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All SPECTO Fencing Systems can be stored on Fence Transporter Carts and Support Post Carts and take up only 110 square feet when stored.

4. What about warranty, repairs, and replacements parts?

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Please see our warranty page for details.

5. Can your SPECTO systems accommodate sponsors graphics?

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Yes. We can custom order banners for you that will attach to the fence with hook and loop tape. Also, each pole has a sleeve to accommodate a pole for a pennant or flag style banner.

6. What is the time frame for delivery and installation?    return to questions

Six to eight weeks from the order date of your fence.

7. How much does the fence cost?

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Each fence (especially an indoor fencing system) is customized to your specific needs. Please contact us for the most accurate pricing concerning your proposed project.  We also have financing available through Innovative Capital Corp.

Information for outfield fencing systems that will be helpful in determining pricing is distances from home plate to left field, home plate to center field, home plate to right field. Also let us know if you have natural grass or synthetic turf and how often you plan to put the fence up and down.

8. How long does it take to set up and take down a fencing system?

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For outfield fences it usually takes three people about 1 ½ hours for the first few times setting up and tearing down.  Once your grounds crew is familiar with the procedure, it takes as little as an hour.  With an indoor system each panel can be removed in less than 5 minutes or reinstalled in less than 10.

9. What dimension options are available?

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Our fencing systems typically come in 7’ and 8’  tall sections.  However, although we can customize your fence heights to your needs, Grand Slam Safety will not fabricate a fencing system less than 7' in height for safety reasons.  SPECTO Fencing System can be designed for any length needed.

10. What are the foundation requirements?

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Outdoor fences use helical piles, ground screws, or concrete footers.  Indoor fences use concrete footers, ground screws or existing steel framing.

11. Can the field be used when the fence is down?

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Yes.  Fencing systems can be completely removed and synthetic turf inserts placed in support pole holes to make a seamless field of play.

12. Can the fence be left up?

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Yes; however, we recommend that the panels of outdoor systems be removed in off seasons to protect them from unneeded UV exposure.

13. How do SPECTO fencing systems handle wind issues?

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In any wind above 60mph we recommend the fabric of the fencing system be removed and stored.  We also have engineered a clutch and clip system that releases the top of the fence, under extreme wind conditions, preventing damage to the poles.

14. Can the same fence be used for softball and baseball?

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Yes.  You will need to install two sets of foundations, one at the baseball fence distance and one at the softball fence distance, and panels switched out to accommodate different fence lengths and distance markers. Synthetic turf inserts cover the foundation holes that are not being used.

15. What level of athletics are SPECTO fences designed for?

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Fencing systems are designed for all levels of play–children to professionals.

16. What kind of finish do SPECTO poles have?

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All steel is finished with a powder coating.

17. What about foul territory?

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We offer a 4 foot high removable foul territory fence that fastens into the SPECTO foul poles or we can extend the SPECTO fencing to an out of bounds termination point.

18. What about vandalism?

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The SPECTO fabric is a rip stop material. This means that it can be cut with a very sharp object (knife) but will not continue to tear. An individual panel can be removed to be mended or replaced. This can be done in approximately 20 minutes while the fence is up.

19. What color choices are available?

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Colors for the main fence body are black, blue, and green. Colors for the trim are black, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and white.

20. Who do I contact if I have a problem with the SPECTO fence?

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Customer Support is available from Monday through Friday from 7am to 4pm EST. Please call 315-301-4039 and a friendly representative will be happy to help you.

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Any Space.  Any Sport.

SPECTO  Sport Fencing Solutions


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