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Your indoor sports facility should be a place where athletes can practice safely without worrying about the weather or maintenance. One of the best ways to enhance your space is by installing indoor turf for sports complexes. Indoor athletic turf is versatile and durable to withstand intense practice sessions. 

Grand Slam Safety is your go-to option for the best indoor turf installation across the United States. Regardless of your facility's size or configuration, we will work with you for an indoor turf solution to fit your needs. 



Help your athletes play year-round with an indoor turf baseball field. Our indoor turf fields are a stable and consistent surface for athletes to practice their hitting and pitching throughout the entire year. Unlike an outdoor baseball field, our indoor baseball turf has a smooth surface to help keep your athletes safe. 

Our indoor baseball fields are easy to maintain. There is no need for fertilizers, drainage, mowing or other time-intensive maintenance tasks for our indoor turf fields. When you invest in indoor sports turf, you will help your business save money by reducing maintenance fees and rental cancellations due to weather and other conditions. 


An indoor turf soccer field is a great way to get more use out of your facility for more than just soccer games. Depending on the event, you can temporarily divide your indoor soccer field into multiple sections to allow more people to rent and use your facility at once. 

Installing one of Grand Slam Safety's lush, green indoor turf fields is a great way to add positivity to your indoor athletic facility. Indoor turfs are attractive and clean, which will increase interest in your athletic facility. Our indoor soccer turf installation services also allow you to customize your turf in a range of colors, blade shapes and backings. Print your team's logo or customize the color of the goal lines for a unique playing field. 


Contact GRAND SLAM SAFETY to Learn More

Grand Slam Safety is happy to work with you to find an indoor turf baseball or soccer field solution that works best for your facility.


Our indoor turf fields for sports complexes feature padding underlay cushions to reduce the impact on sensitive joints such as hips and knees to keep all who use your facility safe. Fill out our contact form today for fast and easy indoor turf installation services near you.

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