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Advances in equipment and facility design allow sports, especially softball and baseball, to continue throughout the year, and Grand Slam Safety is proud to be at the forefront of those innovations.
Whether you need fencing and netting only for the winter months or a more permanent application, we'll work closely with you to meet your specifications and maximize your circumstances with a safe, functional solution. We've been innovating in the field of athlete safety since we first opened our business nearly a decade ago, and we're committed to changing the game one fence at a time.

Benefits of Indoor Softball Netting and Fencing

Enhanced player safety


​No matter where your athletes play or practice, they should feel safe in the environment they're moving around in. Our fencing uses patented SPECTO® mesh, offering maximum safety without sacrificing integrity. The fencing creates a gentle cradling effect for players pursuing fly balls. The netting also reduces a ball's rebound and therefore the risk of it hitting the player.

Better ball containment

While sharing space for multiple sports and practices isn't ideal, it's often a necessity for gymnasiums and other sports complexes. Our ball-stop fencing and netting will keep the balls and players in their assigned areas to keep disruptions at a minimum.

Improved spectator experience

When compared to our products, walls and other fencing options offer a host of negatives, one of which is a lack of visibility. Our mesh solves that issue, with its transparency allowing for easy viewing without sacrificing safety or functionality.

Increased maintenance convenience

Another problem with multisport areas is that they need to frequently shuffle their spaces to accommodate the sports that come and go. You can install or disassemble our indoor softball fences in 90 minutes or less, which makes for quick and stress-free conversions. You can configure their dimensions to suit any space, installing them within 30 inches of any structure or adjoining field. You can also easily transfer and store the components as needed.


While both of our options, fencing and netting, can be used practically anywhere that holds organized sports on a regular basis — including high schools, colleges and professional league locations — they each have their strengths, which you should consider when thinking about what you need.


SPECTO® fencing is an optimal solution for indoor softball games as well as fielding practice when you want to simulate the real event without sacrificing authenticity.

Meanwhile, netting is tailor-made for ball containment, featuring full ceiling-to-floor coverage. You can use it best for batting cages and space allocation.

Or combine the two systems into one. SPECTO® fencing from the ground to 8 feet high for player and spectator safety, then netting above to stop errant balls.



Contact us today to discuss your indoor softball fence and netting options. Grand Slam Safety prides itself on being a one-stop shop for your needs, and we'll consult, design and install for you to fulfill your vision.

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