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If you're in the process of opening a new sports complex, take a look at our planning checklist. Or, Grand Slam Safety can walk you through the entire process of designing your indoor facility, to ensure you get the most efficient use of your space. Your custom configuration is fully engineered by our dedicated in-house team, and we are your one-stop shop from design to installation.




Our mesh SPECTO® perimeter fencing can help with:

  • Increased player safety.

  • Better ball containment.

  • Enhanced spectator experience.

  • Maintenance convenience. 

Perimeter fencing can absorb impacts from players or equipment and reduce the risk of injury. It also is effective at separating spaces and keeping players and balls in the right place. Unlike chain link fences and walls, our transparent mesh makes viewing much easier. It's quick and easy to install, and individual panels can be removed or replaced in under 20 minutes. 



Our VISTA divider curtains offers the flexibility your sports complex needs. Gym dividers can enhance your sports complex, no matter the shape or style of your structure. Motorized or walk-draw curtains can be moved to create the space you want. You can raise retractable curtains to open the space and lower them when you need to divide it. 

Gym curtains provide clear boundaries for players and spectators. They also keep flying balls contained and help to control excess noise. You can customize your curtains with different colors.


We also have netting solutions with full ceiling-to-floor capabilities. Canopy netting is ideal for protecting lighting and HVAC systems while netting hung above our mesh perimeter fencing can help contain balls and protect upper levels. While it's not as sturdy as mesh fencing, canopy netting can help keep balls and equipment in their respective areas.



Grand Slam Safety offers a full range of services for any of your batting cage needs. We can fully customize and personalize an indoor or outdoor batting cage that fits your specifications.

Retractable Batting Cages


Retractable batting cages allow you to easily change your facility's configuration and maximize your space. They are suspended from the ceiling and remain out of sight until you need to bring them down. Our bottom lift technology means the cage can be raised or lowered by just one person, and there's no excess netting that can cause tripping.

Stationary Batting Cages


We can install sturdy permanent indoor batting cages that use a sleeved pole system. This system allows the cage to be freestanding. As a result, these batting cages can be disassembled and stored easily. They're a good option when suspending a cage is not possible.

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