Get Sports Complex Netting and Fencing for Your Facility

Running a successful sports facility depends on keeping your players and spectators happy. One way to do that is ensuring that everyone who enters your complex, including participants and spectators, remains safe amidst games and practices. Of course, at the same time, you also want your fields and courts to look well-maintained and professional, displaying high-quality equipment.

Having the right netting and fencing solutions can help address both of these concerns. Grand Slam Safety sports facility netting and fencing enhance the appearance of your complex while also letting you customize your programming options to maintain the safety of everyone inside. Our easy-to-use equipment can be set up as a permanent fixture to your facility or a temporary one which is easy to put up, take down, and store. It allows you to contain balls and equipment in one area and reassure your patrons they won't get an unpleasant surprise.


SPECTO Sport Netting System

Kennesaw State retractable futsbol arena netting

Grand Slam Safety Netting

Sport Netting Curtain System open

Grand Slam Safety Netting

Sport Netting Curtain System closed

SPECTO Versatility

SPECTO panels in use as a barrier between viewing area and playing field.

The Benefits of Sports Complex Netting and Fencing


The greatest advantage of investing in our sports facility netting and fencing is improving the experience for your participants and their fans. You make the time they spend with you safer and more enjoyable when you prevent errant balls from colliding with them. Other benefits of employing our sports complex court dividers and other equipment include:

  • Made for your space

  • Segment off-field space for games by utilizing court dividers, giving you the flexibility to put events on different courts or even enlarge the playing space

  • Host multiple events at your facility at the same time

Reduce Injuries With Fencing and Netting


Most sports complexes have space for multiple games, but containing each contest within a designated space can pose a challenge. Our netting containment system keeps balls and players on their designated court or field, eliminating crossover that can lead to collisions or game interruptions. Plus, our systems also absorb player impact with a gentle cradling effect that minimizes injuries.

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Improve Spectator Visibility and Protection


Spectators want the best possible view of the athletes to follow the action on the field. Our mesh fencing provides increased visibility, giving the athletes' families and fans a great way to watch the game. Plus, the recessed netting lets spectators get up close to the field or court without worrying about being struck by stray balls or other equipment.

Preserve the Integrity of Your Space


When balls fly across courts and fields, they can cause damage not just to the people in the stands, but also to other parts of your facility, such as windows and vending machines. You can protect your complex by setting up netting and fencing around the perimeter. We can also get scoreboard nets to keep your scoreboards safe.

Fence Financing

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Your facility is worth investing in the right system to keep players, spectators and employees safe, not to mention protecting your existing equipment. Our team can work with you to develop a customized netting and fencing option that fits your sports complex. Fill out our contact form today, and let us help you improve your facility.

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