High schools, colleges, and other athletic facilities continue to phase out chain link and other hard surface fencing from sports like softball. Grand Slam Safety offers a modern, innovative alternative that will simultaneously improve safety, while accommodating the needs of all involved.

"We recently purchased the Grand Slam Safety fence for our baseball and softball fields. After having it for a season, I can say, that I would highly recommend it to others. It is easy to install, looks great, and is even easier to take down. Most importantly, we

-Steve Anastasia, Athletic Director
Olean High School

Olean, NY




From design to installation, we'll act as a one-stop shop for all of your fencing needs.

Portable Softball Fences Offer a Range of Benefits


We design our fences not just to improve the safety of the game, but to improve the entire experience. When you utilize our systems, which we create using our patented SPECTO® mesh design, you'll gain a host of benefits that directly affect your athletes, spectators and maintenance crew. Advantages include:


  • Increased safety and comfort for players: Creating a safe environment for softball players around the world continues to be our primary mission, and your players can feel comfortable with our products in the outfield. Our SPECTO® mesh creates a gentle cradling effect upon impact, which eliminates painful collisions. This quality allows players to abandon their fears and play with the intensity that makes the game great.


  • Improved spectator experience: You can offer a new vantage point to your audience while increasing the space for attendance with our fences. Our fencing not only helps increases player safety, but its transparency also allows people to view the game without obstructions.


  • Enhanced maintenance convenience: The portable softball fence you receive will include foul poles, foul territory mesh, mesh supports and other components. These individual components makes for quick, convenient installation and disassembly (in less than 90 minutes), which means you won't experience any significant headaches. When you're finished with it for the season, you can store it much more efficiently than other fencing options, and that also means you can repurpose the fields for other sports during the off-season.

Comparing Our Softball Field Fences to Other Options

You can leave old wood walls and chain link in the past with our fencing solutions, which are durable, long-lasting and sturdy. 


In addition to the excellent safety marks that our fencing boasts over traditional chain link and other hard-surface versions, it also looks more professional and needs relatively little maintenance thanks to weather-resistant, tough weaves. You won't have to be concerned about rust or broken links compromising integrity.


They can be temporary or permanent to suit your needs, which offers versatility over traditional options.


You'll also receive a 10-year limited warranty, which means you'll be covered if your fencing presents any problems.

Contact Grand Slam Safety for Your Softball Fence Needs

If you're looking at better safety options for your softball team, Grand Slam Safety will offer products that are second to none. Contact us today so that we can further discuss the options and solutions we have available for you.

had 3 student athletes run into the fence during a game (one head first) and bounced right back up. I am very happy with this fencing system and would encourage anyone looking for this type of product to take a look at Grand Slam Safety fencing."

Grand Slam Safety wins award

"We have used your fence this season and are absolutely thrilled with the it. Every visiting team has commented on the look and safety of the fence."

- Sarah Colletti,  Head Softball Coach

Arcadia University

Glenside, PA

NCAA Rule Change
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Any Space.  Any Sport.

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