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SPECTO® Sport Fencing Systems are versatile and safe. They are a fencing system utilizing a patented tension-rigged technology. Both outdoor and indoor fencing systems allow for safe interactions between athletes and perimeters by absorbing player impact with a cradling effect guaranteed to reduce injuries. With SPECTO® Sport Fencing Systems you don't need to sacrifice high performance in order to achieve more safety—you can have both. SPECTO® systems are so effective, they need only 30” of clearance between the mesh panels and any indoor structure to stop an adult athlete at a full run.​

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Patent Numbers:  8,573,565, 9,453,356

SPECTO® Sports Fencing Systems feature mesh panels that are extremely durable and composed of see-through, vinyl-coated woven polyester mesh. This allows for excellent visibility from the sidelines and spectator viewing areas.

In order to ensure safety for all players and spectators, consider SPECTO® outdoor and indoor netting for use as sideline or baseline fencing, dugout protection, ball containment, sport netting, and more.

 No matter the sport or activity, we all want our players and spectators to be able to participate and/or spectate with the least risk of injury. We also desire the highest level of all-out play from the sports we love.

Grand Slam Safety, LLC can customize any SPECTO® Fencing System to your needs.  We'll partner with you from idea to installation.

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