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Bob Lyndaker


Bob invented SPECTO® in his basement and gets to work at 4:30AM every day. He worked in the non-profit sector before creating Grand Slam Safety.


Bob Chamberlain

Director of Marketing

Bob has climbed The Adirondacks' 46 Peaks and was a Physics teacher before creating Grand Slam Safety.


Mickey Lehman

Director of Special Projects

Mickey is a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He was, and still is, an engineer with BCA Architects & Engineers.


Kyle Miller

General Manager

Kyle enjoys hunting, fishing, and golf. He served in the military as a UH-60 Blackhawk Pilot and a Company Safety Officer.


Heidi Lehmann

Director of Human Resources

Heidi has ridden a dromedary in the Moroccan Desert and is fluent in French. She previously had her own business transcribing sheet music to braille.


Michelle Tabolt


315-301-4039 ext. 5

Michelle's favorite subject in school was Calculus. Before Grand Slam Safety, Michelle worked primarily in childcare.


Christian Zehr

Marketing/Social Media

Christian knits sweaters for his nieces and nephews and worked mostly in the service industry prior to Grand Slam Safety.



Brian Graves

Plant Engineer

Brian worked as an engineer for New York Air Brake Corporation before Grand Slam Safety. He prefers listening to Gregorian Chants while designing projects.


Elliot Martin

Customer Solutions Engineer

Before Grand Slam Safety, Elliot interned with Engineering Ministries International in Uganda. He has broken 15 bones.


David Beyer

CAD Designer

At one point, David owned approximately 65 motorcycles. David ran several State Motorcycle Rider Education Programs before Grand Slam Safety.


Bill Terry


Bill loves baseball and is a self-taught guitarist. He previously worked for the Department of Transportation as a Bridge Engineer.

Website-Team Page.png
Website-Team Page.png

Ryan Young

CAD Designer




Gus Tabolt

Production Manager

Gus is left-handed and runs his family's farm.


Ben Ferguson

Assistant Production Manager

to reach Ben, contact main office:


Ben loves to fish and his favorite fish is trout. Before Grand Slam Safety, Ben worked for Red Barn Meats.


Charity Rupert

Industrial Sewist

Charity is a volunteer firefighter and was one of Grand Slam Safety's first employees! She enjoys rabbit hunting and shooting trap.


Buffy Pelo

Industrial Sewist

to reach Buffy, contact main office:


Buffy churns her own butter, but hates butter. She was previously an X-Ray Tech before joining Grand Slam Safety.


Eugene Fitchette

Industrial Sewist

to reach Eugene, contact main office:


Eugene has worked in the sewing industry for 45 years. He brought his industrial sewing expertise to our company from his time with Ridgeline Industries, Inc.


Lynn Petzoldt

Fabric Prep

to reach Lynn, contact main office:


Lynn was a basketball coach for 30 years and had actually retired before joining the Grand Slam Safety team.


Melissa Lyndaker

ERP Data Entry Operator

to reach Melissa, contact main office:


Melissa's favorite ice cream flavor is anything from Treats & Tiques in Natural Bridge, NY. She worked with Agency Specialist Insurance prior to Grand Slam.

Website-Team Page.png
Website-Team Page.png

Melissa Mullin

Small Parts Technician

to reach Melissa, contact main office:




Tim Sullivan

Metal Fabrication

to reach Tim, contact main office:


Tim participated in The Great American Wheat Harvest (U.S. Custom Harvesters) for two years and previously worked for Hi-Lite Airfield Services in Texas.


Andrew Beyer

Metal Fabrication

to reach Andrew, contact main office:


Andrew joined our team full time after completing a summer internship with us. His favorite music genre is classic rock.

Website-Team Page.png
Website-Team Page.png

Montanna Hoppel


to reach Montanna, contact main office:




Ricky Mullin

Bench Technician

to reach Ricky, contact main office:


Ricky has a lava lamp collection and a pet squirrel. He previously worked for Lyndaker Logging.



Sam Lyndaker

Sales Manager

AL  - IN - KS - KY - MS - MO - NE - TN


Dan Myers

Regional Sales Representative

AR - FL - LA - OK - TX


Brion Neary

Regional Sales Representative

MI - OH - NJ - NY (west/south) - PA - WV


Dean Lehman

Regional Sales Representative

AZ - CA - NV


Jim Arthur

Regional Sales Representative


Website-Team Page.png
Website-Team Page.png

Robert Sligar

Regional Sales Representative

CT - MA - ME - NH - RI - VT


Anthony Hazard

Regional Sales Representative




Kris Moore

Project Manager



Kyle Kieffer

Installation Team Lead


Website-Team Page.png
Website-Team Page.png

Reed Murphy

Installation Team Lead


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