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Going out to the ball game is a treasured American tradition, but it can also be dangerous. Injuries to spectators watching Major League Baseball games have risen in recent years, with an average 1,750 fans being hit by an errant pitch or foul ball per year.

Why the uptick? Two main factors are at play. Compared to 25 years ago, fans sit closer to the diamond. They're also more distracted by smartphones during the game. As a result, baseball fields need better protection around the baseline to keep errant balls away.

Foul ball, backstop and baseline netting and fencing can protect spectators and players at games. At Grand Slam Safety, we work with youth, middle and high school, semi-pro and professional baseball organizations to meet their netting and fencing needs. When you choose Grand Slam Safety, you look out for your players and your fans.

Maximize Safety and Play With Baseball Fencing

Our baseline netting helps keep both players and spectators safe and can be easily paired with other fencing to create a complete system, protecting all areas of the field. It can be used around your field, including:

  • Baseline and Outfield FencesWhen an athlete runs to make a play, tensioned mesh provides gentle cushioning to keep them from getting hurt.

  • Dugouts: Baseball netting protects players and coaches from balls that would otherwise drop into the dugout during batting practice or games.

  • Stands: Baseline and foul ball netting protects spectators from foul balls or flying bats.

  • Backstops: Spectators in the stands behind the backstop are protected from foul tips or wild pitches.

Benefits and Applications of Baseball Netting

If you are passionate about providing a safe playing environment our SPECTO® tensioned system runs down the baseline and provides a barrier for players chasing down balls. It also protects spectators sitting directly behind the baseline. Other benefits include:

  • Easy assembly: You can put together or uninstall our outfield fence in just 90 minutes.

  • Full system: Our fencing system includes outfield fencing, supports, mesh for foul territory, foul poles, and backstops.

  • Better experience for fans: Chain link fences can be difficult to see through. Our transparent fencing allows spectators to see the field clearly and with fewer visual distractions.

  • Easy storage: You can free up the field or other users when baseball and softball season is over. Easily pack up the SPECTO® system and store it for the winter.

  • Versatility: Use our SPECTO® fencing for baseball (7 feet high) or softball (8 feet high). This fence can easily integrate into our outfield and backstop fencing.

  • Customize: We can hang protective netting above the baseline fencing to provide even more protection for spectators or nearby fields.

Our flexible options allow you to upgrade protection for your fans, too. We can hang protective netting above the baseline fencing to provide even more spectator protection.

Contact the Baseline Netting and Fencing Experts Today

Fans who come to see your games want to enjoy watching the players, not worry about getting hurt. Protect players and spectators by installing our baseline netting on your baseball or softball field. Get in touch today for a quote on our baseball netting options.

Baseline Fencing

SPECTO Baseline Fencing completes a safe field.

jumpping for a fly
SPECTO Baseball

Safely steal a home run.

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Fence that fits

Fencing that fits to within 30" of any structure

SPECTO Reliability.

The highest workmanship and reliability.

SPECTO Upper Netting

Upper netting keeps home run balls from traveling past the field.

SPECTO Foul Territory

Foul territory mesh helps stop foul balls.

SPECTO Baseball

Great for multi-use fields


Solid construction give the SPECTO fencing systems years of playability.

SPECTO Turf Insert - Installed

Turf Insert - Installed in Natural Turf

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