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Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the U.S.

meaning the demand for courts is increasing. Indoor sports complexes have an excellent opportunity to provide spaces for pickleball groups seeking a regular place to play. These buildings can offer protection from the elements, ample space for tournaments and other desirable amenities to players.
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If you are looking to create the perfect venue to attract pickleball players, consider a few things:

  • Size: The recommended minimum court size is 30 feet by 60 feet, though the lines are placed at dimensions of 20 feet by 44 feet.

  • Flooring: Polyurethane sports surfaces work best, though asphalt, gymnasium floors and concrete can also work. The rubber texture of polyurethane sports flooring is ideal because it provides the needed grip for almost any sport, making it perfect for a multi-sport complex.

  • Safety: With multiple courts, you need a way to keep wayward balls contained so players and spectators can enjoy the game peacefully and safely.

  • Installation: If you are designing a new facility, these dimensions and materials will be easy to incorporate. You may need to get creative if you plan to adjust your current facility to accommodate pickleball courts. You can transform tennis courts or a gymnasium into a set of pickleball courts by adding new lines and an adjustable net.

Create an Indoor Pickleball Facility Plan With GRAND SLAM SAFETY

Our team at Grand Slam Safety has the experience to help you design and install your indoor pickleball facility. We will guide you through the entire process from design to installation and ensure your venue provides the safety and functionality players and spectators need. 

Receive Thorough Guidance

We offer multi-sport complex design and consulting for those looking to create a new venue. We can help you plan for the correct dimensions, provide tips on keeping players and spectators safe and help with the installation process.

Increase Safety

We also offer multi-sport court netting for those looking to transform their current complex into a pickleball-friendly design. Our durable netting can help separate spaces to maximize your existing gymnasium or courts and accommodate more players and games. Hosting tournaments is easy with netting, and it also provides space for games and practices to take place at the same time.

Our versatile multi-sport court netting can also help reduce injuries from stray balls, protecting players and spectators. The netting increases spectator visibility by helping viewers safely get a close and clear view of the game.

Create Year-Round Fun

Extend the pickleball season and help people enjoy year-round play with our design consultation and netting options. Make your venue a year-round destination for people of all ages with an indoor pickleball structure.

Design Consultation for Indoor Pickleball Facilities

Trust Grand Slam Safety to help you create the perfect venue for pickleball. We will assist you through the entire process, ensuring you have everything you need to provide a safe space for people to play and enjoy themselves. Contact us online today for a quote!
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