Baseball has gradually become a year-round sport, as players utilize the winter months for indoor training sessions and simulated games as well as indoor batting practice during the season.

While the location might change season to season, what shouldn't change is your commitment to keeping athletes safe as they refine their skills. Grand Slam Safety shares that dedication to safety, and we've created a series of innovations in the field of indoor baseball fencing and netting, with designs that have quickly gained traction throughout the country. From designing to installing, we'll operate as a one-stop shop for all of your needs.

Benefits of Indoor Baseball Netting

You can implement our fencing and netting for a variety of different scenarios, all while reaping a host of benefits, including:

  1. Increased player safety: We designed our patented SPECTO® mesh with the intention of offering maximum protection without sacrificing integrity. The fencing will absorb the impact of players traveling at maximum momentum, creating a gentle cradling effect for players pursuing fly balls.

  2. Better ball containment: Often, interior spaces like sports complexes and gymnasiums require multiple teams to share the area, which can lead to awkward and disruptive encounters. Our fencing and netting can separate the space efficiently, keeping player mishaps at a minimum while preventing balls from crossing into different areas.

  3. Enhanced spectator experience: While chain link fences and hard walls often make it difficult for the audience to see the action comfortably, our transparent mesh will make viewing much easier. It will also optimize attendance, as people won't have to crowd as much in other spaces.

  4. Additional maintenance convenience: All of our netting and fencing is designed with functionality in mind, as it's quick to install and disassemble. Individual panels can be removed or replaced in less than 20 minutes. You can configure a fence or curtain's dimensions to suit any space, as you can install it within 30 inches of any structure or adjoining field. Finally, you can easily transfer and store the components as needed.

How Can You Use Our Indoor Baseball Fences?

Whether you're playing a full-on game or using it for fielding practice, our indoor baseball fencing can be designed to meet the challenge. Fencing can be permanent or temporary and is often installed at high schools, colleges and other independent areas for practice, tournaments and similar events.

The same can be said of our netting, which has full ceiling-to-floor capabilities. Netting is best-suited for ball containment and batting cages, which will allow your players to get in proper practice during the winter and other times when you're facing inclement weather conditions.

Contact Grand Slam Safety for Your Indoor Baseball Fence Needs

Contact us now to discuss your options for indoor baseball netting and fencing. Safety and functionality are our primary goals, and the team at Grand Slam Safety will work diligently to supply solutions that meet both goals in a unique way.

SPECTO - Durability

SPECTO fencing systems are highly durable and safe.

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SPECTO divider curtains and ball containment.

SPECTO - Baseball

SPECTO provides superior protection to players on adjoining fields.

SPECTO - Spectators

Provide unprecedented viewing and safety for spectators.


SPECTO mesh is the safest and best way for spectators to part of the action.

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