Being able to practice year-round is essential for baseball and softball players who hold a commitment to greatness, and batting cage nets are an invaluable resource in achieving that goal.


Benefits of Batting Cage Nets


With a properly designed system, made from SPECTO® mesh and/or netting, your new batting cage will offer a host of advantages. We'll take into account your requests to build an enclosure that fits the necessary dimensions and helps your team for the foreseeable future.


Here are some of their most prominent features:

Drop Down Batting Cages

Whether you are installing a drop down cage on a sloped or flat ceiling we can make sure that your batting cage will work in the space you have. With "bottom lift" technology, you can be assured that your cage will hang straight and true, minimizing trip hazards and stopping balls from escaping the cage.

Stationary Batting Cages


  • Recessed Pole: Baseballs and softballs pack a lot of heat coming off the bat. You can increase the safety level for everyone enclosed in the cage with recessed poles, which significantly reduces the rebound of batted balls.


  • Tensioned Bottom Cables: The cages from Grand Slam Safety are also designed using tensioned bottom cables, which decreases excess slack to eliminate tripping hazards while simultaneously preventing balls from rolling underneath and out of the cage.


  • Unique Soft Toss Area: The design of the cage's recessed poles creates an exterior soft toss area for your athletes. Each section of tensioned netting between the poles can be used by athletes for soft toss, even while other players are inside the cage. This feature increases the multifunctionality of your cage.

  • Dividing Net: You can maximize your available space with a removable center divider, which can transform your baseball and softball batting cages from one unit into two. You'll increase your practicing capabilities without sacrificing safety.

  • Open WeaveThe netting offers great visibility, which means coaches, teammates, and spectators can watch the action within the cage.


We commonly install indoor batting cage nets, but you can easily deconstruct them for portability and storage purposes.


Where Batting Cage Netting Can Be Used


Sports complexes and indoor sports facilities incorporate our batting cage nets into their layout or utilize the portability of our netting to set up indoor batting cages. Our batting cage nets can be easily set up or deconstructed giving your sports facility the flexibility to host a variety of events. Our indoor batting cages for sale can be set up as retractable or sleeved systems and can be installed directly into the architecture of your space to allow for easy setup and storage.


Other institutions such as, high schools, colleges and other places that tout athletic facilities most commonly implement these batting nets. Indoor batting cages are also excellent options for teams that often deal with poor weather conditions, as they allow for practice through the winter months or during inclement weather.


Its weave is also relatively open, which means coaches, teammates and spectators can view what's going on within the cage.


Contact Grand Slam Safety for Your Batting Cage Needs


No matter what your intended application is, we're prepared to handle every aspect of your project. If you want more information about batting cage nets for sale, contact us today.

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