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Importance of Netting to Keep Baseball Fans Safe

Installing a protective netting system helps keep baseball fans safe from injuries from misdirected line drives and foul balls. As ballparks big and small begin to extend or install netting systems, Grand Slam Safety is your baseball netting and baseball fencing solution to ensure your fans are safe while they enjoy their favorite game.

History of Netting Used in Baseball

The history of baseball safety netting is almost as long as baseball's history, with the installation of the first baseball safety netting in 1879. Ballparks have moved seats closer to the field to allow fans to feel closer to the game. With closer seating, distracting billboards and the increased use of mobile phones, many teams have added additional netting to protect fans.

When Did the MLB Put Nets Behind Home Plate?

As more fans began experiencing severe injuries from foul balls entering the stands, all 30 major league baseball teams extended netting around the home plate in 2018. Since this decision, the Major League Baseball Players Association has tried several times to convince the MLB to expand netting from foul pole to foul pole to add additional protection for fans.

Importance of Baseball Field Netting for Fan Safety

Like any sport, safety is always a priority during baseball games. Installing baseball field netting can protect the spectators, athletes, coaches and property from injuries and damages. While many baseball fields already have netting behind the home plate, it does not extend far down the baselines, leaving a large area of the stands at risk. Installing baseball field netting around the entire field is a simple way to protect everyone in the baseball stadium.

Fans Injured by Foul Balls

Catching a foul ball sounds like a great chance to own a piece of the game, but it can be risky. Fans may believe that they can catch the ball or duck when a player hits a foul ball their way. However, it only takes a few seconds for the ball to travel over hundreds of feet, instantly injuring spectators. Baseball safety netting makes these types of injuries entirely preventable.

Contact Grand Slam for Baseball Netting Safety for Your Facility

Ensuring everyone at a baseball game is safe is easy with Grand Slam Safety. We are your one-stop shop for high-quality outdoor and indoor baseball safety fencing and netting for high school, college and professional settings. Contact us today to learn more about our netting options!


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