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Baseball netting and fencing from Grand Slam Safety can provide increased safety for your players and an enhanced viewing experience for spectators. Since 2009, we've been producing the safest, most versatile fencing and netting systems for colleges and high schools, parks and recreation departments and the designers and builders of athletic fields and facilities. 


Baseball is no longer just an outdoor sport. With the growing number of indoor baseball facilities, there's an increasing need for specialized fencing and netting to keep players and spectators safe. Our indoor baseball fencing, netting and mesh barriers offer better ball containment, especially when multiple teams are working out in different parts of the facility. Our protective mesh fencing is also transparent, which enables spectators to enjoy an unobstructed view of the game.

Grand Slam Safety netting protects an onlooking spectator from an indoor baseball game pitch
Two young basketball players safely watch an indoor baseball game through a SPECTO Perimeter System


Grand Slam Safety is your best source for baseball field netting and fencing for outdoor facilities as well. These days, fans often sit closer to the action than ever. Our baseline netting protects them, as well as players in the dugout, from injuries caused by batted balls and flying bats. Our outfield fencing consists of cushioned mesh, which softens the blow for players who crash into them. We offer permanent and temporary baseball fencing options that can meet any field size requirement.

Six baseball fields finished with SPECTO Outfield Fencing Systems


For many spectators, the best seats in a baseball park are behind the backstop. Unfortunately, this spot can also be the most dangerous. Our backstop netting features a choice of tie-back or tensioned mesh netting. The former consists of tensioned wires attached to poles installed behind the seating area that hold up the netting, which is ideal for parks where there's a wall behind home plate. The latter offers a 20-foot-high combination of regular and tension mesh netting attached to inline poles.

SPECTO Backstops provide optimal safety and spectatorship
Impactable and transparent backstop made with SPECTO tension technology


We manufacture weather- and UV-resistant outdoor batting cages that provide a safe practice area for baseball and softball players. Key features include dedicated soft toss areas, a dividing net and recessed poles that significantly reduce the danger of rebounds from batted balls. You can also pack and store these cages easily during the winter months. Our retractable indoor batting cages are the perfect choice for multi-use facilities. You'll find stationary options you can incorporate into the layout of your facility, as well as portable cages for maximum flexibility.

Indoor stationary batting cage by Grand Slam Safety provides optimal batter safety by using recessed support poles
Stationary outdoor batting cage by Grand Slam Safety provides optimal safety with recessed support poles
Indoor walk-draw baseball hitting tunnels equipped with pitching shields
Retractable indoor batting cage by Grand Slam Safety prioritizes speed and durability


Protecting players and spectators from injury is a top priority for operators of any indoor or outdoor ballpark or practice facility. Discover how baseball netting and fencing from Grand Slam Safety, one of the premier baseball netting companies, can help you create a safer environment and enhance the viewing experience at your venue. Contact us for additional information today, and be sure to ask about our easy financing options.

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