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How to Choose the Right Gym Divider Curtain for Your Needs

If you're looking for a way to make your gym more versatile or need a way to separate two areas without the hassle of new construction, a curtain may be the answer. With so many gym divider curtain options available today, choosing the right one can feel challenging.

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Why Gym Divider Curtains Are Important

Gym divider netting solutions allow you to:

  • Maximize indoor space: Gym divider curtains are great ways to boost usable space, create multipurpose fields or separate different areas of your gym.

  • Enjoy cost benefits: Divider curtains are much more affordable than permanent alternatives and allow you to change the look of your gym at will.

  • Adaptable to your gym's design: You can customize gym dividers to match your brand colors, ceiling height and layout, from simple mesh curtains to elaborate divisions with custom logos.

  • Leverage warranties: A 10-year limited warranty from Grand Slam Safety ensures you can rest easy knowing your investment remains protected against material defects.

How to Choose Your Sports Divider Curtain

Follow these three steps when choosing your sports divider curtain:

  1. Assess your gym's architectural layout: Take note of the number of walls, windows and doors, as well as how much space you have between these elements and how big each space should be to find the curtain size best suited for your facility.

  2. Determine the level of containment and visibility you need: Mesh and netted curtains allow for complete visibility, while our heavier vinyl fabric provides more containment — the choice is yours! Inquire about the Edge Seal option to protect your vertical curtain border and stop flying objects from escaping the perimeter.

  3. Decide how you want to motorize the curtain: Opt for an electric motor, which will make it easy to open and close the curtain or you can go with a hand-operated system that requires no electricity.

Ultimately, the most important thing is finding something that works for everyone involved — from athletes to coaches — and doesn't interfere with anyone's ability to play their best game.

Gym Divider Netting Options

Popular gym divider netting options include:

  • Fold-up: Often made from durable materials like canvas or vinyl, this budget-friendly option folds up when not in use, making it easy to store and transport.

  • Roll-up: This standard option has a cable-free rolling mechanism, allowing for easy opening and closing.

  • Walk-draw: No electric components are required — all you need is a string or rope to pull the netting back and forth.

  • Top-roll: The top-roll system is an electrically operated, low-maintenance gym divider netting option that's sleek, easy to store and perfect for any setting.

  • Peak-fold: Peak-fold gym divider curtain options are truly custom. They follow the contours of your ceiling, so you can maximize your space and take full advantage of every inch of available height.

Shop Grand Slam Safety

At Grand Slam Safety, we believe that every gym owner should be able to provide their employees and athletes with a safe and comfortable environment. Our quality netting systems offer the best of both worlds — the functionality of removable systems with the quality of permanent ones.

Let us take care of the design and installation so you can focus on what you do best. Browse our inventory today or contact our team to learn more about how to pick the right gym divider curtain!

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