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Grand Slam Safety News - September


Hard Wall Hits

Milwaukee, WI Miller Park

George Springer, of the Astros was carted off the field this month after smashing his head into the outfield wall. His risky catch landed him in the hospital.

Outfield walls have been made of different materials over the decades. From wood to concrete to padded steel, athletes have had to risk broken bones or worse. In fact even Babe Ruth, who played outfield from time to time, was knocked out cold after slamming into a concrete outfield wall.

Injuries from solid outfield structures is no joking matter. Players have been seriously injured. Grand Slam Safety is hoping to change the industry with fencing systems that will provide both play-ability as well as protection.

Here is an informative article of wall collisions that have resulted in some pretty major injuries.


SPECTO Saves the Day

Divider Curtains Finch Creek

Olean, NY Olean High School It was the sectional final for the girls softball team at Olean High School. They had recently installed a SPECTO Outfield System which was about to be put to the test. In the second inning a ball was crushed to deep right field. Outfielder Katelyn Szefler, of the opposing Depew team, was chasing it down at a flat run. The fence was coming up fast and...we'll let Chuck Pollock of the Olean Times Herald tell the rest.

"It seemed Olean would take full control in the second when, with a runner on second and nobody out, Ramarage crashed a ball deep to right that Depew outfielder Katelyn Szefler, running full-speed, made the catch on crashing into the wall.

It was a ringing endorsement for Olean’s newly-installed SPECTO fence, a product of Grand Slam Safety. The mesh surface acts almost as a vertical trampoline and Szefler bounced off, uninjured.

“The ball might have been out with our old fence,” Brooks said. “But that right fielder’s play was incredible. That girl would have gotten hurt on a metal fence.”

When we here at Grand Slam Safety hear a story like this we know that what we are doing is important in protecting athletes, at any level of play.

Contact Grand Slam Safety. We would be happy to discuss your next sports facility need. From start to finish Grand Slam Safety will walk with you every step of the way. We customize to your needs.

Any Space. Any Sport. Grand Slam Safety and SPECTO® Fencing Systems.

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