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SPECTO® permanent and temporary sports fencing, by Grand Slam Safety, LLC, is a revolutionary fencing system for use in, and around, sporting facilities and athletic fields. Perfect for every sport, SPECTO® fences significantly reduce the risk of player injury, maximize usable space, and increase field versatility. Whether you’re looking for a permanent or temporary sports fencing for indoor or outdoor play, Grand Slam Safety fences will enhance your baseball outfield or your indoor soccer facility, to name a few of its many applications. Tired of your players running into chain link fences and risking injury? SPECTO® is the sport fencing alternative you've been looking for. Inquire today to learn more about our financing and leasing options.

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SPECTO  Sport Fencing Solutions

Since 2009, Grand Slam Safety, LLC has been committed to bringing the safest and most reliable sport fencing systems to the athletic market.  Our patented SPECTO® Sport Fencing Systems are one of a kind and the results are amazing. Less injuries, better play, more versatility...we want to help your game excel to the next level. Customization is key. We guarantee your facility will have exactly what you need, exactly the way you want it.

After all, the game is about the play, not about getting hurt. We believe that our SPECTO® Fencing Systems can empower athletes to concentrate on their play, maximize coaching, and delight fans by providing a clear view of the action. In the gym or on the baseball field, temporary or permanent, player safety or ball containment – Grand Slam Safety has you well protected.

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