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The SPECTO Answers

PECTO Sport Fencing Systems offers solutions for many common difficulties in indoor facilities, and designs custom solutions for the uncommon problems. How could the right fencing system work for you? Here are some examples from some of our clients.


At City Beach Volleyball, in Santa Clara, CA, the courts were being used a lot, but games constantly were being interrupted by balls from other courts. And while traditional netting curtains would have solved that problem, balls would get stuck under the netting, taking time to untangle.

THE SPECTO ANSWER: Tensioned mesh and mesh panels separate the courts, preventing balls from crossing into another court, but rebounding gently back into the playing court. Doors allow easy access, and the netting allows spectators to view the games unhindered.


In the Kennesaw State University futsal arena, Kennesaw, GA, the walls and score boards were taking a beating during games. Safety was also a concern.


A tensioned netting system that can be lowered and raised easily.

Assistant Director of Facilities Brandon McLain said, “With the new SPECTO netting in place, we can fix those damages and keep them from happening again... [Grand Slam Safety] was great in responding to our needs.”


While constructing a large, permanent facility, Pro-X Athlete in Westfield, IN needed to outfit a space that they could use in the interim as they started camps and training.

THE SPECTO ANSWER: A containment system that made the most of the available space while offering the best protection for athletes, with second tier netting to increase safety of players and building. Suspended batting cages utilize the space and protect players. The systems can be completely removed when Pro-X transitions to their new facility.


When Accelerate Sports, Whitesboro, NY, was building, they designed an indoor facility that could handle a wide variety of sports and switch between them easily, to accommodate many games and practices in the course of a day.

THE SPECTO ANSWER: A tensioned indoor containment system around the exterior of the field, with easy access doors, and a variety of netting divider curtains to divide the field as needed. The system offers safety for players who might impact the exterior wall, easy shifting to use the field as a whole or in sections throughout the day, and clear, protected spectator viewing. “The design and function of the safety fencing is second to none, and we really wanted to incorporate that technology bordering our turf field,” commented Bryan Ingalls, the operations manager at Accelerate.


Any space, any sport... For other examples of SPECTO applications, or to learn more about Grand Slam Safety, LLC, explore further on our website. Call today to discuss how SPECTO could work for you.

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