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Indoor Pickleball Court Dimensions

pickleball players preparing to play on 3 indoor pickleball courts

Indoor pickleball leagues seem to grow more popular each year. Teams across the country enjoy this high-speed game, which has some similarities to tennis. If you want athletes to play pickleball in your recreation center, it's important to know indoor pickleball court dimensions, which differ from an outdoor court.

This is your guide to indoor pickleball court sizes and how to verify you're following the rules of the game according to the governing body, USA Pickleball (USAP).

What Is Indoor Pickleball?

Indoor pickleball is a sport with two or four players that involves using paddles to pass a plastic ball over a net. All of the rules of outdoor pickleball apply to indoor leagues. The main difference is that most outdoor leagues play on hardcourt surfaces similar to tennis matches while indoor leagues use gymnasium flooring.

Another key variation between indoor and outdoor pickleball is the type of game ball used. Indoor pickleball leagues use regulation balls with 26 holes, while outdoor leagues use balls that have 40 small holes. The difference in court surfaces calls for game balls of different hardnesses and weights.

Standard Indoor Pickleball Court Sizes

Whether you're picking up a paddle for the first time, you're in the process of making your own court or you need a temporary setup for recreational games, it's helpful to know the typical pickleball court sizes.

A standard indoor pickleball court is 44 feet long by 20 feet wide. Both of these measurements include game lines. An indoor court should have a pickleball net that sits 36 inches tall from the ground at each side and 34 inches tall in the center.

A standard indoor pickleball court has a centerline on each side of the net that splits the court into right- and left-side serving sections. Additionally, there is a 7-foot non-volley zone that extends from the net outward. Players are unable to step inside this zone while hitting the ball.

Considerations for Pickleball Courts

When you're creating a pickleball court, there are a few things to consider. Review the details below to learn more about the correct ways to host an indoor pickleball event.

1. Pickleball Court Size in Feet vs. Meters

It helps to know pickleball court sizes in more than one unit of measurement. For a quick reference, an indoor pickleball court is 13.41 meters in length by 6.10 meters in width.

2. The Rules for Mini Indoor Pickleball Courts

The smallest indoor pickleball court size acknowledged by USAP is the standard 44 feet by 20 feet layout. Any game played on a court smaller than these dimensions will not count toward official tournaments.

3. Game Lines

The game lines for an indoor pickleball facility must be 2 inches in width. You'll require sidelines, baselines, centerlines and non-volley lines to create a regulation court.

Trust Grand Slam Safety for Pickleball Court Construction

Grand Slam Safety specializes in creating custom sports courts for indoor and outdoor venues. Our entire process from design to installation is handled in-house for consistent results.

Prioritize safety and create a court that can be used for multiple sports when you work with our professionals. You can get a quote for your pickleball project by filling out our contact form.


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