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Grand Slam Safety News - August


Fan Hit by Puck

Tampa, FL Tampa Lightning Amalie Arena

How would you react to a hockey puck coming at you at speeds pushing 80 miles per hour?

A mother took a blow to the head from puck at a Tampa Bay Lightning game last year, leaving her with multiple injuries – and it very easily could have hit one of her two young sons.

Sabrina Pattie and her husband had taken their boys to the professional hockey game as the boy’s inaugural hockey outlining. They were seated near the edge of the protecting netting when suddenly a puck flew into the stands, striking Sabrina above the left eye.

NHL arenas are required to have protective netting at certain points in the spectator stands. Sabrina and her family, although not directly behind the netting was supposedly in a “safe” zone.

As the number of fan injuries continue to rise it is imperative that sports facilities go above and beyond the “required” safety precautions. Curtain netting, impactable fencing, and canopy netting all add layers of protection that allow the players to play and the fans to enjoy the game.


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