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Grand Slam Safety News - July

SPECTO Indoor Perimeter Fence



Milton, CT Milton Academy

Milton Academy had a special need. A field was shared by soccer in the fall and baseball in the spring. The school already had a chain link fence for part of the outfield but knew that they needed something they could remove for the section of the field that was shared with soccer.

Grand Slam Safety was able to help by customizing a section of SPECTO outfield fencing that could marry to the existing chain link section of fence. This provided Milton with a fully functioning outfield fence (of which the SPECTO section is exceptionally safe) as well as a way to open the field back up during soccer season.

Customization is the key to getting the most out of your sports fields. Grand Slam Safety has a full time engineering staff to help you work through and execute a plan that will ensure you have the safest athletic fields.

Milton Academy:

253' - SPECTO Outfield Fencing



Houston, TX Minute Maid Park

Child athletes in recreational sports are shown to have a greater risk of concussion than their counterparts who receive sports related injuries.