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Grand Slam and City Beach Volleyball score an Ace!

City Beach Volleyball in Santa Clara, CA had a problem. The indoor facility, with it's multiple courts, was a great place to play volleyball but balls from one court would travel into adjoining courts. City Beach reached out to Grand Slam Safety to see if we could help.

The problem with traditional hanging netting is the stray balls still roll under it. Engineers at Grand Slam Safety were able to use our SPECTO fencing, in combination with traditional netting, to create a semi-tensioned system perfect for ball containment. The SPECTO system is also fully retractable so that City Beach Volleyball can host its other big event, Women's Flat Track Roller Derby.

Customization is key when it comes to your facilities needs. Grand Slam Safety is able to customize any SPECTO system to meet any application. Netting, fences, indoor divider curtains, outfield fencing; each presents it own unique design challenge that Grand Slam Safety takes on with pride.

Come visit us to see other customized projects and read about the customers who love them.

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