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Indoor Facilities #1 Concern

The call for safety in sports is everywhere. The NIAA (National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association) writes in its Guide to Interscholastic Athletic Administration: “Liability can be a major issue for sports facilities...there are three main areas of potential litigation…

1. Problems exist with the initial design and facility construction or installation and any subsequent renovations. 2. The actual facility usage differs from the purpose for which the facility was designed. 3. Hazardous maintenance issues and facility conditions resulted from failure to inspect for and identify potential problems and rectify them.”

Whether you are planning on building, or already own, an indoor sports facility you can identify with the points above. Grand Slam Safety, LLC offers solutions with its SPECTO® Sport Fencing Systems.

  • Protects athletes and spectators

  • Safe to within 30” of any structure or adjoining field

  • Provides excellent viewing for spectators and facility managers

  • Offers unique flexibility of field space & design

  • Includes upper netting for total field containment


“PISA, The Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena, is proud to be the first location in our area to have the revolutionary SPECTO® Sport Fencing System from Grand Slam Safety, LLC. The advanced fencing system has made a tremendous improvement to our facility. Not only has it improved our appearance, it has provided our organization with an elite product for the safety of our players and fans of all ages. The SPECTO® system provides us with peace of mind knowing that our participants have received the best product and best service from Grand Slam Safety, LLC no matter what activity they are here for. In addition, this product allows us to transition from each sport or event very quickly to provide the best service to customers. Thank you, Grand Slam Safety, LLC for providing us with this wonderful product.”


Are you in the design phase?

  • Contact us to learn how a SPECTO® system can be implemented into the plans for safety.

Has your facility grown or does it need to be retro-fitted?

  • Grand Slam Safety, LLC has the knowledge of experience to help facility owners migrate their facilities towards safety and flexibility.

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