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Providing Youth with Safety in Rochester, NY

Grand Slam Safety, LLC is proud to announce yet another install of our SPECTO® Sport Fencing Systems, this time in Rochester, NY.

Empire United Soccer Academy chose their SPECTO® system to create a safe and playable indoor field. Their goal is to “provide the youth of Western New York the benefits of a team sport that develops character and sportsmanship, fosters enjoyment and encourages each individual soccer player to achieve his/her highest level on and off the soccer field.” Grand Slam Safety, LLC is proud to partner with them in this endeavor.

Ease of access to the field of play, protection for steel supporting structures, as well as ball containment rounded off the list of needs at Empire United.

Grand Slam Safety, LLC was able to meet all of these needs with it’s SPECTO® Sport Fencing System.

We’d be happy to help you outfit your facility with a state-of-the-art SPECTO® Sport Fencing System. With the highest quality materials and manufacturing your players will be safe and your field playable.

Maximize safety, maximize play with SPECTO® by Grand Slam Safety, LLC.

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