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Grand Slam Safety, LLC continues to provide safe and playable field protection at indoor facilities across the country. Our latest install is in Pennsylvania, PA at PISA (Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena).

PISA wanted to protect athletes and spectators from action on the field. Grand Slam Safety was able to install 744’ of SPECTO Indoor Containment System to keep players from collisions with steel building support columns. The SPECTO system also keeps balls on the field of play, protecting spectators.

Above the SPECTO mesh Grand Slam Safety installed sport netting to again protect the building and fans.

Each install by Grand Slam Safety is unique and custom to the facility. PISA’s SPECTO system was installed using ground screws to anchor the bottom of the fence and steel support hangers (mounted directly to the steel support posts of the facility) to bring tension to the top of the system.

One final piece to Grand Slam Safety’s install at PISA was our creation of custom soccer goals for the facility. These goals were custom built to fit perfectly into the tight sideline space at PISA.

Grand Slam Safety prides itself on being able to adapt our SPECTO Fencing Systems to any application. Contact us to see how we can create a safe and playable facility for you.

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