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New Product is a Grand Slam at Grand Parks

Grand Slam Safety continues to lead the way in sport fencing innovation. We are pleased to announce the newest addition to our product line; the Sport Netting Curtain System. We are excited about this new netting system and the benefits it will bring to sporting venues.

The 370,000 square foot Grand Park facility in Westfield, Indiana has installed the Sport Netting Curtain System. The Grand Park Event Center, one of the largest in the country, houses multiple indoor turf fields which need to be separated one from the other. Grand Slam Safety stepped up to the task of providing a unique curtain netting system for this huge facility.

Our new Sport Netting Curtain System not only provides a barrier between sporting areas it also completely laterally adjustable. This means that the Sport Netting Curtain System can be extended to any opening size, locked in place and stay in that position until moved again. This added benefit of lateral adjustment allows facilities to create a custom field or opening of any size they desire.

Grand Slam also installed their SPECTO Fencing System in a unique way at Grand Park. The facility was in need of barriers between the playing fields and the restaurant area on the second floor. These openings allowed restaurant patrons to look down on the field of play and watch games while they ate.

The transparency of the SPECTO Fencing System mesh works perfectly to allow patrons to enjoy the unique experience of dining and watching a sporting event in safety.

Finally Grand Park had asked Grand Slam Safety to provide them with a unique goal post option for the indoor football games which happen in the facility. The problem Grand Park faced was not having open space beyond the endzones on field to install traditional goal posts. Grand Slam Safety stepped up to the challenge and created not only a mesh goal post, but mesh goal posts that can be adjusted in size to accommodate high school or college/NFL specifications. With a simple adjustment, goal posts are transformed in size.

Grand Slam Safety is staying on the cutting edge of sport facility netting and fencing needs. Our products are adaptable to any application and provide superior safety. Grand Slam Safety, LLC is revolutionizing the sport fencing industry.

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