SPECTO Softball Fencing System Install in Connecticut

Grand Slam Safety, LLC is back in Connecticut installing anther great SPECTO fecning system. Ridgefield High School, in Ridgefield, CT, chose a SPECTO Softball Fencing System for their recent renovation.

The Ridgefield High School Boosters commented, “Coaches love it, parents love it, and we are proud to the say that we have one of the top high school fields in the league, if not the state.”

The Ridgefield High School Boosters went on to say, “When we first started investigating outfield fence options we had several factors to consider. The first was the safety of the girls. Second, we needed the flexibility to take the fence down for multiple sports that use the field. We also needed something that was substantial enough to withstand the wind at the site and last a full season without looking wimpy and cheap.”

“Grand Slam Safety was the perfect solution by providing a very high quality fence, foul poles, and storage equipment… We would recommend Grand Slam Safety to anyone.”

Thanks Ridgefield for your kind words. Enjoy your fence and we wish you many great seasons to come.

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