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SPECTO® Withstands Tornado Winds

SPECTO® Fence at Adventure Sports & Entertainment in Jackson, New Jersey, Withstood Tornado Winds

When your outdoor sporting facility calls for durable fencing, few solutions come close to the sheer strength of SPECTO® Fencing Systems from Grand Slam Safety.
Adventure Sports & Entertainment based in Jackson, New Jersey, noticed how tenacious our fencing products can be when the unexpected rolls through — in this case, tornado winds.

What Happened?

A tornado swept through Ocean County, New Jersey — a place where crowds go to enjoy theme parks, outdoor activities and sporting events. Adventure Sports & Entertainment was in the storm's path leaving facility managers and crews concerned about several outdoor fields.
The facility hosts baseball, softball, soccer and flag football games. Employees at the venue were pleased to find that the SPECTO® Fencing Systems around their six baseball fields survived the 120 mph winds. While other outdoor fencing solutions would crumble under these conditions, Grand Slam Safety's offerings could handle it.

Our SPECTO® Fencing Is Engineered to Last

One of the characteristics that separates SPECTO® Fencing Systems from alternative solutions is the failsafe breakaway clips. During the Ocean County tornado incident, these clips detached, and a few Velcro sections were damaged — both parts are easily replaceable.
Rather than paying to replace all of the fences around the baseball fields, Adventure Sports & Entertainment can pick up the necessary components.

The Value of Advanced Safety Netting and Fencing

SPECTO® Fencing Systems help prevent accidents during games. You can customize the perimeters of baseball fields as well as softball fields with tension-based technology intended for safe interactions between the players and fencing.
Only 30 inches of space is needed between the mesh barriers and hard surfaces to catch an athlete in a sprint.

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