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SPECTO Fencing - A Clear Advantage

Grand Slam Safety, LLC, recently updated the mesh used for the main section of the panels for SPECTO Safety Fencing Systems, switching from a 7x11 thread per inch mesh to a 9x9 thread per inch.

Comparison of 9x9 mesh on left and 7x11 mesh on right

The new mesh has an 18% increase in the openness of the weave, which results in a 18% decrease in wind resistance, enabling it to withstand higher wind speeds with no loss in the strength of the panel. The openness of the weave also gives an increase of visibility.

9x9 mesh on left offers more visibility than the 7x11 mesh on right

This new mesh improves both the long-term weather stability and the immediate player/spectator visibility, while offering the same protection and flexibility that is the core of SPECTO Safety Fencing Systems.

Grand Slam Safety, LLC is constantly looking for ways to improve the player and spectator experience as well as delivering the highest quality fencing for your needs.

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