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SPECTO Advantages--Easy Installation of Panels in Existing Fences

At Grand Slam Safety, LLC, we value adaptability in both function and design. On a fence, a section might need to be changed out for a variety of reasons, including different doors needed in an indoor facility, signage on a ball field, or repairs. SPECTO Safety Fences offer the ability to change out individual panels without affecting the rest of an existing fence, both on SPECTO Baseball and Softball Fencing Systemsand SPECTO Indoor Facility Containment Systems.

To exchange a panel, undo the hook and loop tape pocket around the top cable. Peel the panel down, separating the strips connecting the panel on the sides. Undo the cable pocket on the bottom, and remove the panel.

To insert the new panel, reverse the process. Lay the panel out in front of the fence, facing down. Secure the hook and loop tape pocket around the bottom cable, starting at the corner. Pull the panel up over the top cable and fasten the hook and loop tape, again starting at the corner and working across to get tension on the panel, applying pressure to secure the hook and loop tape. Apply pressure on the side hook and loop tape to ensure it is fastened.

The whole process can be completed by one person if necessary, in 10-20 minutes. It’s simple--SPECTO Safety Fences provide flexibility without compromising safety.

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