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Even if you have a large indoor gym at your school or sports complex, you'll want to find ways to maximize each square foot. One way you can gain the versatility to host several teams at once — or offer multiple games and activities simultaneously — is with a walk draw gym curtain.


High-quality walk draw divider nets will enable you to rapidly and securely partition different areas off. Made in the USA from top-notch materials, our walk draw divider curtains will give you an affordable way to get the most out of your space.

SPECTO Divider Curtain

Easily host two games at one time with a gym divider curtain

Gym Divider Curtain

Run multiple practices at once

Walk Draw Divider Curtain

Ease of use walk draw curtains.

Gym Divider Curtain

Turn one space into four.

SPECTO Divider Curtain

Double your playing potential by cutting your space in half

Divider Curtain

Easily section off parts of your athletic facility with a SPECTO Divider Curtain

Gym Divider Curtain

Keep balls and players on the field



Do you want to section off specific areas at your facility? With walk draw gym curtains installed, you'll have no problem doing so quickly and easily.

The two types of walk draw gym curtains we offer are ceiling track mounted and cable mounted. ​

Cable Mounted Walk Draw Curtains

simply slide back and forth on the length of the suspended cable.

Track Mounted Walk Draw Curtains

glide in a track. This track allows the curtain to be stopped and locked into position at any desired interval. Tracks can be straight lined or curved.

Both kinds of dividers work with the same general effectiveness. That said, one style may be more appropriate for the design and layout of your space.

All of our walk draw divider nets will enable you to simultaneously host several athletic events without worrying about safety or logistics. Made from heavy-duty fabric netting and vinyl, these sturdy SPECTO® divider curtains serve as barriers and temporary walls. When you are done with play for the evening and want to restore your gym to a neutral arrangement, walk draw gym curtains move seamlessly back to their original storage spots along the wall.

"We couldn’t be more pleased with the divider curtain. The installation went without a hitch and the end product is awesome.  I’m looking forward to continuing using Grand Slam Safety as our provider for all of our netting, divider and boundary netting needs."

- Scott Dolfi,  Vice President

Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena

Pittsburgh, PA

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Divider Curtain Specifications





Walk Draw

Cable Mounted



Walk Draw

Ceiling Track Mounted





As you prepare to invest in the gym-enhancing equipment sold by Grand Slam Safety, you should consider its benefits. When you order and install a walk draw gym divider, you'll gain access to several key advantages, including:


  • A budget-friendly investment: If you have limited finances to put into upgrading your gym or sports complex, you'll be happy to know that walk draw divider nets can help you stretch your dollars while still providing the versatility you and your athletes deserve.

  • Long-lasting construction: As with all items we sell, our walk draw gym curtains are constructed to last. Engineered for safer play, they help stop stray balls and reduce the likelihood of one game disrupting another.

  • Customizable options: Though we start with a basic walk draw gym divider curtain package, you can choose to personalize the final product. Some clients of Grand Slam Safety like to add logos to their walk draw gym curtains or install walk draw dividers that match the colors preferred by their organization, educational institution or company.

  • Social distancing tool: Are you interested in making it easier for people who play in your facility to socially distance? Walk draw gym divider curtains create natural-feeling barriers that can keep everyone at a healthier distance.

Want to learn more about our walk draw gym curtains? Call our Grand Slam Safety headquarters at 315-301-4039 or contact us online to get more information or arrange a conversation with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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