Your gym, indoor arena or sports complex space has a general layout. With SPECTO® VISTA vinyl gym divider curtains by Grand Slam Safety, you can switch up its overall design and versatility, giving you plenty of ways to maximize the total footprint.

Each SPECTO® VISTA gym divider curtain features made in the USA quality, innovative engineering and top-line materials. Contact your area sales representative today to get a quote on a mesh gym divider curtain for your facility.

"We couldn’t be more pleased with the divider curtain. The installation went without a hitch and the end product is awesome.  I’m looking forward to continuing using Grand Slam Safety as our provider for all of our netting, divider and boundary netting needs."

- Scott Dolfi,  Vice President

Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena

Pittsburgh, PA

Vista Divider Curtain

Matches any slope

Vista Divider Curtain

Safety divide your gym.

Divider Curtain

Keep balls and players contained.

Vista Divider Curtain

Fold Lift Technology saves wear and tear.

Gym Divider Curtain

Turn one space into four.

SPECTO Divider Curtain

Easily host two games at one time with a gym divider curtain

Gym Divider Curtain

Run multiple practices at once

Divider Curtain

Easily section off parts of your athletic facility with a SPECTO Divider Curtain

Gym Divider Curtain

Keep balls and players on the field

What to Expect From a Custom Gym Divider Curtain


A custom gym divider curtain will remain housed on the ceiling of your space until you bring it to the floor to section off a specific area for an activity, game, practice or other event. Our SPECTO® VISTA curtain can be designed for either straight-line or fold form applications. Our VISTA curtain incorporates bottom lift technology for less wear and tear on your curtain and quicker lowering and raising times.

Call our headquarters at 315-301-4039 to arrange an appointment with one of our knowledgeable representatives and discover which choice makes sense for your current and anticipated needs.

Benefits of Installing a Custom Gym Divider Curtain


What are the basic advantages of using a SPECTO® VISTA gym divider curtains in your facility? The top benefits include:


  • Space maximization: If you've ever had to say no to a team or club using your space because you couldn't figure out a way to section off an appropriately sized area securely, you know how frustrating the experience can be. Instead of turning away business or partnering opportunities, you can put gym safety curtains in place and start saying yes to multiple groups at once.

  • Affordability: Custom gym divider curtains are terrific investments for locations with tight budgets. At Grand Slam Safety, we can introduce you to financing possibilities that help you stretch your dollars further.

  • Dependability: Although our gym divider curtains are built to blend in rather than stand out, they're ready for all the play you can give. You won't find a vinyl gym divider curtain that works harder than our SPECTO® models.

  • Safety: Thanks to advanced engineering, every gym safety curtain has been made to withstand impact, including force from errant balls. Reduce the likelihood of a ball landing in another section of your facility by buying and installing the best gym divider curtains on the market. At the same time, protect bystanders around the facility and in the seats from flying objects.

  • Social distancing enforcement: If you're concerned about keeping athletes, coaches and event attendees socially distanced, vinyl gym divider curtains may help. These practical barriers encourage people to remain at least 6 feet apart to reduce the spread of airborne germs and viruses.

  • Individualization: Do you need a gym divider curtain built to precise specifications? Our team members can assist you by creating a solution that fits your facility's unique needs and dimensions. 

Divider curtains can be created using:

  • Full Vinyl

  • Double Wall Acoustic Vinyl

  • Vinyl and Netting

  • Vinyl and Mesh

Be sure to ask about other customization offers as well to learn about the addition of colors and logos.

Learn more about our SPECTO® VISTA gym dividers and connect with a sales representative from Grand Slam Safety by filling out a contact form online today.

Divider Curtain Specifications





Walk Draw

Cable Mounted



Walk Draw

Ceiling Track Mounted




VISTA Divider Curtain

Straight or Form Fold

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