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Man falling into into a safety net at an outdoor baseball field

Center For Athletic Safety at the University of Tennessee Experiment 


The Center for Athletic Safety, located at the University of Tennessee, concluded testing on Grand Slam Safety’s SPECTO® fencing. In side-by-side testing the SPECTO® system vastly out performed chain-link fencing in impact absorption and athlete safety.

University of Tennessee safety test between specto and chain link fencing

Details of the Experiment


A 20 lb. medicine ball was dropped from four specific heights to simulate impact velocities of different weighted athletes. A hydraulic lift was utilized to ensure the drop height of the medicine ball could be adjusted accurately.

Four different locations of both the SPECTO® fence and the chain-link fence were tested for impact:

  1. Cable/Horizontal Post (middle section of the tension cable for the SPECTO® fences and the middle section of the horizontal pole for the chain link fence)

  2. Panel (the center of third fence panel from the foul pole)

  3. Edge Panel (the center of the fence panel closest to the foul pole)

  4. Hook and loop Seam/Chain Link Post (in the middle of the SPECTO® fence hook and loop seam and the middle of the vertical chain link post)