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Keeping players and spectators safe and providing the best possible playing and viewing experience are top priorities at any softball facility. Whether you're a high school, college or the operator of a sports complex, Grand Slam Safety can provide high-quality softball field netting and fencing that will help you achieve your objective. Our advanced SPECTO® fencing systems and other products offer a reliable, low-maintenance solution for your project.

Indoor Softball Netting & Fencing

Indoor softball facilities are common in cold-weather climates to enable players to practice and play throughout the year. Grand Slam Safety offers indoor mesh barriers and netting with a host of safety features that won't interfere with the play on the field. You'll experience better ball containment, enhanced player safety and excellent visibility for an improved spectator experience. Our SPECTO® indoor softball fencing is an excellent choice if you wish to simulate a real game without sacrificing authenticity.

Softball Field Fencing & Netting

Our softball outfield fences provide a safer alternative to chain link and other harder, less forgiving fencing materials. Our innovative mesh cradles players as they crash into the barrier, which cushions the blow and reduces the risk of injury.


The transparency provides an obstruction-free view for spectators. Pair this mesh with our baseline fencing to create a complete system that protects the entire field. Our outdoor softball fencing is also portable, enabling you to easily reconfigure your field as needed.

Indoor softball netting
Indoor Netting
Indoor Netting for Baseball
baseline copy2

Softball Backstops

Sitting behind the backstop provides spectators with an excellent view of the playing field, but it also makes them more vulnerable to injuries from foul balls and spinning bats that inadvertently fly out of players' hands. Our tie-back and tensioned mesh backstop netting solutions will keep fans safer and protect catchers and infielders approaching the stands while pursuing a foul pop-up. The tensioned-mesh version can achieve a width of 60 feet, which extends well beyond the backstop for additional safety.

backstop netting

Softball Batting Cages

Grand Slam Safety batting cage systems give softball players a safe place to perfect their batting stroke. If you run an indoor facility, we have drop-down/retractable batting cages that are ideal for multi-use complexes, as well as stationary models that attach to walls for a more permanent solution. If your team practices in the open air, we can provide weather- and UV-resistant outdoor batting cages that will fit just about anywhere. The recessed poles help to prevent rebound from batted balls, an important safety feature for soft toss areas.

softball batting cage
batting cage in use

Learn More About Our Softball Field Netting & Fencing Options

Since 2009, Grand Slam Safety has been bringing the safest and most reliable netting and fencing products to sports complexes and athletic facilities across the United States. We're committed to providing protective solutions that reduce the risk of injury and provide a more robust experience for players and spectators alike. Our start-to-finish customer service ensures the best experience for your organization.


Learn more about how our softball netting and fencing can benefit your sports facility. Contact us for additional information today.

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