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SPECTO® Wins Gold!

Grand Slam Safety, LLC has been awarded first place gold in Athletic Management's Excellence in Innovation competition.

SPECTO® by Grand Slam Safety, LLC continues to offer the highest quality sport fencing systems on the market. Outdoor or indoor facilities can benefit from the many advantages that SPECTO® has to offer.

-Boost Your Game - Not only does SPECTO® greatly reduce the likelihood of injury, it improves the way the outfielders play the game. With no fear of a solid barrier wall or fence, the outfielders can go after the “long ball” with reckless abandon. This makes the game more exciting for spectators and players alike.

-Save A Life - Sports injuries are on the rise. We play harder than ever before. Fence entanglement is one of the ugliest sports related injuries. No one wants lacerations, concussions, or blunt trauma for their players. The SPECTO® system gently cradles players and allows full body, full speed impact.

-Make Your Fields More Flexible - The SPECTO® system can be either a permanent fence or a removable fence. When used as a removable fence it allows the field to be used for multi-sport play or multi-level baseball/softball capability. The SPECTO® fencing system can store in approx. 110 sq. ft. when using the storage cart system.

-Enhance Your Appearance - The SPECTO® system is 7’ or 8’ high and is a professional grade product. It transitions your “ball field” to a “Ball Park”, giving it professional look and allowing for professional level play. Batters have a fence to swing for...fielders have a fence to play off of. We can even incorporate school colors into the fence.

-Reduce Potential Litigation - By reducing the opportunity for injury, you reduce the exposure to lawsuits related to injuries. These can be very expensive events.

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