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Asia gets its first SPECTO Fencing System

Just south of the city of Seoul, South Korea, lies acres of sprawling park land. This is Seoul Grand Park, home to a campground, amusement park, zoo, restaurants, gardens, the National Museum of Contemporary Art...and now a SPECTO Baseball Fencing System.

Grand Slam Safety, LLC president, Bob Lyndaker and Director of Marketing, Bob Chamberlian have returned from our first international fencing system install. Grand Slam Safety’s Asia and South Korea sales representative, Jay Kim secured this premier location for the SPECTO system.

After fourteen hours of plane travel, meetings in Japan, and travel through the bustling city of Seoul, the team reached Seoul Park. Local workers were on hand to un-crate the fence that was shipped from the US and lend a hand in the installation process.

The ball field that the SPECTO system is to be installed on is still being constructed, so our installation was a dry run. After making sure the fence would properly fit the foundations and curvature of the field, it was taken down, and will be stored until the field is finished and play begins.

“It was a great trip and smooth install,” said Bob Chamberlain, “the Korean workers were a great help.”

“It was a unique and rewarding experience," said Bob Lyndaker. “South Korea is such a vastly different place than Croghan, NY.”

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