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Man falling into a protective net while catching a baseball

Sports fencing and netting is essential in cultivating a safe environment for players and spectators without restricting the game. Whether you own an indoor or outdoor sporting facility, incorporating high-quality nets and fencing will grant you greater flexibility and ultimately maximize your space for safe and efficient play.


At Grand Slam Safety, we understand the value of versatile athletic space. That's why we help our customers obtain the best sporting products for their establishments in the smoothest and most efficient manner. When you work with us, we'll keep you in the loop throughout every step of the process to ensure that your needs are fully met.

Working With Grand Slam Safety

Every athletic space is different — that's why we work with our customers to design solutions tailored to their exact specifications. When you choose us for sporting solutions, we'll carry out your custom project from start to finish without interruptions or delays. 

Working with Grand Slam Safety is easy with our simple and efficient five-step process.

1. Contact Grand Slam Safety

To begin our process, all you have to do is get in touch with us online, on the phone or through email. We have service representatives across the United States, allowing you to book our services no matter where you are. 


You can speak with a staff member in your region or submit an online form on our contact page.

2. Consultation and Product Design Specifications

After you reach out to us, one of our representatives will connect with you to talk about your project and its specific needs. We'll help you through every step of the data collecting and decision-making process.


From dimensions and specifications to materials and timeline, Grand Slam Safety will have a dedicated team on your project. Our in-house engineering team will be in touch with you throughout the entire design stage.

3. Product Creation and Delivery

Next, we'll spend time creating your personalized sports fencing products based on the criteria we discussed during your consultation. We typically finalize projects in equipment about six to eight weeks after the order date.


Once complete, we'll send one of our staff members to your facility with the finished products, where they'll train you on how to use and install them properly. We pride ourselves on making all our SPECTO® sporting systems and equipment at our manufacturing facility in Croghan, NY.

4. Product Installation


Grand Slam Safety proudly offers installation services. Though we always teach our customers how to install their fencing and netting solutions, our on-site crew makes the learning process easier. You can ask questions, get on-site tweaks that will take care of any minor issues as well as have the expertise of a professional installation crew at your disposal.


At Grand Slam Safety, we're always flexible to customer requests so that you can experience the best results.


5. Product Maintenance


When you choose Grand Slam Safety, we'll continue to serve you even after your products are installed. 


All of our products come with full warranties to provide you with peace of mind. We also offer Maintenance Agreements that can be arranged with your sales representative.

Get Started With Our Process Today

If you want to get the most value out of your sporting facility, choose Grand Slam Safety for specialized fencing and netting. We help our customers maximize their athletic spaces while reducing the risk of injury with customizable solutions.

Contact us for more information on our products today!   

Any Space.  Any Sport.

SPECTO  Sport Fencing Solutions


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