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Deadlines for NCAA Fencing Rules Changes!

In 2017 the NCAA will continue implementing major changes to rules regarding fencing for collegiate softball fields. (See this link to the NCAA's website). That means many softball outfield fences and dugout protection fences will need to be modified, installed or replaced to meet the new regulations criteria.


The three major changes being implemented:


SPECTO® Fencing Systems by Grand Slam Safety, LLC exceed the new NCAA regulations AND are the safest alternative to chain-link or other commercial options.


With patented technology, SPECTO® allows for safe interactions between athletes and fencing by absorbing player impact with a cradling effect guaranteed to reduce injuries.  SPECTO® Fencing Systems can also be used as baseline fencing and dugout protection to ensure safety for all players and spectators.


SPECTO® mesh panels are extremely durable and composed of see-through, vinyl-coated woven polyester mesh, which allows excellent visibility from dugouts and spectator viewing areas.


If you are looking to be compliant and provide the safest outfield fence for your players we'd be happy to help. Give us a call or email anytime to discuss the options for your facility.


Our website is full of informational videos, product descriptions, and client testimonials. Take a look and see what Grand Slam Safety, LLC has to offer you and your team.

Let us help you maximize play and maximize safety.

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