Volleyball is the definition of a fast-paced game. It's also a sport that regularly features multiple games at a time, whether in league or tournament play. With a ball that features a lot of bounce, games and practices often deal with interruptions.


If you need a better way to keep the action in check, you'll be happy to know that Grand Slam Safety has the solution. As an innovator in the sports safety industry, we offer volleyball court netting that will keep balls in check, players safe and courts separated. You can trust us to complete your project efficiently — we have nearly 10 years of experience and a diverse portfolio of clients across the United States and beyond.

Benefits of Volleyball Court Netting


By deciding to invest in our volleyball court dividers, perimeter netting and barriers, you'll improve the overall safety, functionality and versatility of your space. Here are some benefits you'll reap:

"We recently installed a new court divider net system at City Beach in Santa Clara CA. This system has drastically improved the look of our facility but more important it has increased the safety for our players and patrons."

Dustin Moore

Club Director

City Beach Volleyball Club

Increased safety: While players often use elbow and knee padding, our netting will help to further protect them from rough falls and spills into the bleachers. Our SPECTO® mesh and netting won't collapse and is also soft enough to create a gentle cradling effect that reduces a full-momentum impact and reduces the risk of injury. You don't need to worry about your netting interfering with the quality of the match either, as you can have it installed far enough away from the field of play to give players room to operate.

Better ball containment: A thunderous kill or last-ditch dig attempt make for highlight-reel plays in any good volleyball match, but the after effects often cause disruptions in play that can tamper with a team's momentum. Our volleyball facility court divider netting systems aim to rectify that issue, as our patented SPECTO® system has a tensioned mesh bottom with an upper netting section to corral balls. You can implement this system in complexes or gymnasiums that need to separate multiple courts. You'll improve the flow of a tournament without sacrificing match quality.

Improved spectator experience: Stray balls not only pose a risk to players, but they can also interact with unsuspecting fans with one wrong bounce. Netting, which features a thin open weave, will keep your spectators safe without significantly interfering with their line of sight.

More convenience for maintenance crews: Flexibility is essential when dealing with any interior sports, and we keep that in mind with our designs — especially our volleyball systems. Our models come with full floor-to-ceiling functionality, and you can close or open them at your leisure without the need for tools. This feature allows you to arrange your space as needed, whether it's for practice or play.

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