Have limited space in your gymnasium or sports facility? You don't have to go without an indoor batting cage. Grand Slam Safety offers customizable SPECTO® indoor retractable batting cages ideally suited for intense play. Created from the highest quality materials and made in the USA, these solutions deliver superior performance — just like your athletes.

Find out if a retractable batting cage is right for your indoor facility by contacting our team members today to discuss your construction project or current space.

What Is a Retractable Batting Cage?


Retractable batting cages will allow you to effortlessly switch up your facility's indoor configuration. Our ceiling-suspended batting cages remain out of sight, stored securely overhead until it's time to bring them down.

Differing from our permanent indoor batting cages, retractable versions promise function without requiring a dedicated area that will serve exclusively as a batting cage. Simply bring your batting cage down when you need it, and send it to the ceiling when you want to use your space for other sports.

With a retractable batting cage, you can offer student-athletes, coaches and clients the opportunity to practice or cross-train without making a huge upfront investment or reducing the usable footprint of your facility.

Benefits of SPECTO® Ceiling-Suspended Batting Cages


If you've ever wished your gym, sports complex or athletic space could have at least one batting cage, you're in for a pleasant surprise. With indoor retractable batting cages, you'll get value and versatility. Consider the many advantages of working with Grand Slam Safety to install a SPECTO® retractable batting cage, such as:



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SPECTO Bottom Lift Batting Cage

SPECTO cage in raised postion.

SPECTO Bottom Lift Batting Cage

SPECTO Bottom Lift Batting Cage

SPECTO Batting Cages
SPECTO Batting Cages

SPECTO® Indoor Batting Cage Specifications





Ceiling Mounted  - Bottom Lift

Single Cage



Ceiling Mounted  - Bottom Lift

Double Cage






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