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Lacrosse is growing in popularity across the United States. The fast game of ball handling and athletic endurance has become a staple sport in many high schools and colleges across the county. In fact, the youth faction might be the largest contingent as seasonal camps and leagues become an alternative to other sports. Many indoor athletic facilities are looking to create usable space for indoor lacrosse practices and games. This fast-pace game, with its quick ball movement and high-speed shooting is great fun to play or watch.

With that in mind, safety should be a high priority for athletic directors, recreational departments and other entities that organize events for box lacrosse. Grand Slam Safety provides solutions to create more secure spaces for your players. We have a reliable reputation in the sports safety industry as a provider of premium netting, fencing and barriers.




Whether you're operating a program sponsored by an academic institution or hosting an assortment of sporting events, our products will help you create the best field of play. When you partner with us, you'll gain a range of benefits from our products that directly affect your athletes, spectators and workers. Some of these benefits include:

Enhanced safety


Lacrosse is a fast-paced sport, with plenty of running and movement. It can be physical too, with checking and collisions that might throw players off-kilter. Whether people are playing a box lacrosse match or holding a scrimmage outdoors, you can increase their safety with our fencing, which utilizes sturdy SPECTO® mesh to create a gentle, cradling effect when players make contact with it. With our products, athletes can feel more confident in their protection and be more inclined to play with higher intensity.

Better ball containment


It's easy to forget about, but players can throw the lacrosse ball in excess of 80 miles per hour, which creates the potential for injuries and property damage when shots go astray. You can utilize SPECTO® fencing paired with netting to keep the ball on the playing field — we design our products to maintain integrity while reducing rebound from the ball. SPECTO® also provides lacrosse backstop netting to add further insurance to the playing field, and it cuts down on wasted time that players spend retrieving balls.

Easier maintenance


When you need to rearrange your space or share it with other sports, fencing and netting should be flexible. We understand this dilemma, and as a result, we will make sure that your indoor fencing system is custom built to your needs. From walk-draw netting curtains to SPECTO® panels that can be replaced in minutes, we have the fencing solution that will make your facility stand out. In addition, you can place our SPECTO® system within 30 inches of any structure or adjoining field to maximize space without sacrificing safety. Our multifaceted systems allow for convenient storage and transport.

Happier spectators


Fencing and netting will not only keep viewers safe from high-speed shots, but they can also make for a better spectator experience thanks to transparent mesh.

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We're prepared to take on any project, big or small. We'll personalize your products down to every last detail, so contact us to discuss your lacrosse field fence options.

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