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Indoor Football Facility Consultation and Design

As the most popular spectator sport in the U.S., football has thousands of fans in every corner of the country. From youth football and high school and college teams to professional and rec leagues, it's a sport that athletes of every age can enjoy.

When you're considering adding an indoor football facility to your sports complex, reach out to Grand Slam Safety. We offer high-quality consultation and design services to get you the fencing, netting and other system solutions you need to help spectators and athletes take to the gridiron all year long.



At Grand Slam Safety, we have the football netting and fencing systems that keep your visitors safe, whether they're playing the game or watching from the stands. Our team of experts is eager to walk you through the process so you can bring the indoor sports facility of your dreams to life.



If you're planning a new or redesigned football facility, you need the right partner to make the most effective use of your space. Our design consultants, engineers and the other experts on our team will work with your goals and budget to develop the best plan for your complex.



Indoor football netting offers many benefits, and first and foremost is the increased safety for your players. Football is a high-impact sport and athletes often crash into structures and fencing. Our SPECTRO® mesh fencing safely catches and cradles players to prevent them from hitting hard surfaces after a tackle or fall.




Our consultation and construction experts will help you get the high-quality, reliable fencing solutions you need for your facility. Professional installation ensures your indoor football facility netting protects players and fans alike.




Grand Slam Safety is an expert in fully customized sporting needs and outstanding customer support. Our team of experts is available to help you through the design and construction process from beginning to end. Get indoor football facility netting, fencing, turf and more when you partner with our professionals.


Designing and building an indoor football complex requires expertise and significant planning. When you work with Grand Slam Safety, you'll get:

  • Help throughout the complete building process: We start with your unique goals, budget and vision to develop a customized facility plan. Our team sticks with you from the first day of design until your facility netting solutions are complete.

  • Ability to play all year long: Playing football outdoors means you're dependent on several factors, like the weather and time of year. With an indoor football field, you can play all year at any time of day or night, even when it's raining or snowing outside.

  • Greater fan safety with SPECTO® netting: Our mesh netting systems help protect fans from spirals thrown into the crowd or crashing players.


When you're ready to get started on your indoor football complex and netting solutions, contact Grand Slam Safety today!

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