As soccer continues to mount its steady ascent in popularity among Americans, so, too, has futsal.


Due to its small, hard-surfaced court, futsal is easy to set up at local gyms and other sports complexes. That said, the game requires many of the same accessories as indoor soccer, including fencing and ball containment netting. That's where Grand Slam Safety comes in, from conceptualization to installation, we're a one-stop shop for your futsal fencing.


Benefits of Futsal Fencing


Whether you need fencing for practice, games, tournaments or camps, we can design a customized version to meet your specifications. By implementing our products, you'll upgrade your facility's overall safety, versatility, and convenience. Your players, spectators, and workers will gain a host of benefits, including:


  1. Increased safety: Futsal's regulations state not to use walls or boards to limit the playing field. Players can run themselves out of bounds and into trouble while chasing down the game's harder, smaller and faster-rolling ball. That said, you can outline the surrounding area of the playing field with safety netting and fencing, which utilizes sturdy SPECTO® mesh to create a gentle and cradling effect. Players will be able to focus on the action without having to worry about putting themselves in precarious situations. It will also protect spectators without interfering with their view.

  2. Better ball containment: Like soccer, futsal features plenty of passes and kicks straying off the field of play, which can disrupt the game and kill the momentum of what's supposed to be a high-energy sport. You can utilize futsal netting and fencing around the perimeter of the field to keep the balls in place, which means a shorter jog for the player or the ball boy. Not only does it help with ball containment, but you can also use netting to separate courts during tournaments for a streamlined, efficient experience.

  3. Enhanced maintenance convenience: SPECTO® can be installed to within 30” of any structure or adjoining field. That means more room to play in your indoor sports facility and better safety for spectators and players alike. Remember SPECTO® systems can be fully customized to your facilities size, shape, and need.


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